Constance Festival Culinaire - The 15th Edition


Constance Festival Culinaire is the food festival in Mauritius you don't want to miss. With world-renowned Michelin starred chefs, patisserie chefs and sommeliers, this festival is the true essence of sharing, creativity and friendship.

From the 12th of March 2022 until the 20th of March 2022, get ready for a delectable trip with a series of Michelin Star dinners, competitions & masterclasses!


What to expect in this edition & The highlights

Saturday 12th
Like every edition, the 15th edition will also start with the very much anticipated, Drawing lot.
The drawing lot exercise is key to begin the festival as it will draw the teams. There will be three teams and each team will consist of 1 Constance Chef and 1 Michelin Star Chef.

Somehow, this edition is quite special though, as it will regroup winners from the past editions!
Check the history here


Sunday 13th
What is Constance Festival Culinaire without the culturally immersive experiences?
Rendez-vous at Le Chasee de Constance Belle Mare Plage, where the Gateau Piment competition will also take place!

Monday 14th
One of the prerequisites of the innovative delightful dishes for the culinary competition is the use of Roche Cari to prepare the spice paste. A core part of the Mauritian identity, Roche Cari (the traditional Mortar and pestle) is also essential in Constance Festival Culinaire.
As such, this year we are introducing a Roche Cari masterclass!

Tuesday 15th
A new addition this year: Sweet Tapas competition by Constance!
The selected Constance Pastry Chefs will be challenged to create sweet tapas with a pre-selected type of coffee, Nespresso “Origin Peru Organic”

Two superb dinners are also on the menu. If you haven’t booked any yet, we suggest you do so.
Find out about the dinners here

Wednesday 16th
The Culinary competition will take place at Blue Penny Cellar, Constance Belle Mare Plage on the 16th.

Once again the dishes prepared by our Chefs will be under the scrutinizing eyes of the judges. Nerve-wracking as it may seem, this final moment is also one of the best times during the festival week, with everyone gathered in the Blue Penny Cellar to discover the beautiful innovative dishes of our chefs.

Thursday 17th
Presentation and set up go hand in hand with delicious food, don’t you think?
Even though you cannot taste it, it surely adds to the ambiance of a dinner. Art de la table competition will take place at Archipel Restaurant where our selected waiters will be judged.

Bocuse d’Or dinners are also on the menu for the 17th – find out more here

Friday 18th

Love sweet?
The toothsome Pastry Competition Pierre Hermé & Valrhona will be at Blue Penny Cellar. Those who cannot be with us, rest assured we will feed our Facebook event regularly.
Two twelve-hand dinners by three of the guest-starred chefs & three of the pastry chefs will be held at both Constance Prince Maurice and Constance Belle Mare Plage

Book your table now!

Saturday 19th
Eventually, everything comes to an end.
The Prize Giving & Closing ceremony will take place at Constance Belle Mare Plage followed by a Gala dinner infused with good music and drinks till the break of dawn.

Winners will be announced on our social media platforms – keep your eyes peeled!

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