Sofia Ribeiro at Constance Ephelia


A slice of paradise in the Indian Ocean, Constance Ephelia with its two most beautiful beaches on the island of Mahé, is a place to enjoy both land and water.
Great for casual holidays or celebrity escape, this spacious Green Globe Certified hotel is a real gem.
Is Constance Ephelia on our bucket list?
Find out more on Constance Ephelia’s services through the experience of Portuguese Actress, Sofia Ribeiro who celebrated her birthday there, recently.


Was this your first time in Seychelles? What were your feelings when you traveled there?
"It was the first time and naturally, I was going with high expectations."

How did you find the hotel and the services?
"Very nice hotel and well located, very friendly and helpful staff and the services worked perfectly."

5 essential pieces of luggage when traveling to Seychelles?
"A book, camera, repellent, light clothing and comfortable shoes."

You mentioned that this scenery was a painting - please tell us why?
"Because the surrounding beauty is so movingly beautiful, similar to the feeling I get looking at a piece of art."

You celebrated your birthday in Constance Ephelia, please tell us how it was?
"It was magical! I will never forget it. Words fail to describe it. Only by living the experience."

If you could take 3 things home from Constance Ephelia, what would they be?
"The peace, the friendliness of the people, and the food."

Would you return to Constance Ephelia and what would you do differently?
"I would definitely stay more days!"

Tell us about the spa
 I received one of the best massages of my life and the place itself, the silence enveloping with birdsong is enchanting."

What was your favorite meal at Constance Ephelia?
"All the meals were delicious but I will never forget an Asian salad tasted on one of the many beachfront loungers. So simple but absolutely unforgettable."

Anything else?
"I don't have much more to add. I can only thank you for making me so welcome. Thank you so much! I hope to be able to return one day."