Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, Pinot Noir…explore the world’s famous wine routes in one place during your holiday at any of our hotels and resorts in the Indian Ocean.

Located in the heart of each of our luxury hotels and resorts, Constance Cellar houses the most comprehensive collection of wines from the best wine region you can imagine: Tuscany, France, Valencia, Acongua, Franschhoek, McLaren Vale, and even Japan!

From lagoon wine tasting to decadent food and wine pairing, our dedicated team is here to assist you with every step of your wine experience.
Whether it is Blue Penny Cellar in Mauritius at Constance Belle Mare Plage or Jing in Maldives at Constance Halaveli, our references will transport you on a flavourful journey.


Uncommon Wine Experiences in the Indian Ocean

Light to middle-weight, full-bodied to intense smokey notes, Constance Cellar will not disappoint.
Our award-winning wine lists include fine bottles for every palate and every occasion! 
Some of our immersive wine offerings:

Wine Tasting

There’s more to just see, swirl, sniff and sip at Constance Cellars. Wine tasting is an art; enjoy this experience in good company while our sommeliers share their passion and wine knowledge with you.
Our selection of ‘Old World’ and New World’ wine will amaze you!

Champagne Sabering

Commemorate your celebration with an impressive trick as old as the Napoleanic Wars!
Champagne Sabering which is also known as Sabrage is one technique that will add a touch of exclusivity to your celebration.
To have yours, simply ask one of our sommeliers at the hotel.

Wine Dinner

A meal where each course is paired with a wine, even the dessert!
Who doesn’t want to try this?
To successfully pair food and wine one must be thoroughly perceptive in way of wine. Our Chefs and Sommeliers work together to bring you the best combination.

Wine Flight Coravin

Wine flight also known as tasting flight is the tasting of multiple wines which allow the taster to feel the depth of wine or explore new wines.
Elevate your wine experience at any Constance Cellar with our Coravin wine preservation system.

Bio Wine Tasting

An experience that goes beyond taste and terroir, Bio Wine tasting is another way you can say yes to green action as Biodynamic wine production uses organic farming methods.
An experience worth your time!

Champagne Breakfast

A lavish breakfast, magnificent tropical view and a bottle of chilled Champagne. Start your day in paradise with an uncommon sensorial experience.
Champagne breakfasts can be set up on the sand, in your villa, or in the pool.


A glass of wine has a place on the table for a family meal, is shared amongst friends during a long overdue catch-up and is raised by lovers at romantic dinner.
No matter where you choose to holiday, Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives or Madagascar, we have just the right wine experience for you!
Experiences vary at each hotel.

With so many new and interesting wines to explore, you will be pleasantly surprised at our 25,000 + wine references from both the new and old world available at Constance Belle Mare and Constance Prince Maurice.

Get ready to savour the World's most exquisite wines in one place!

Balmy sunny days and cool tropical breeze call for a chill Chardonnay or a glass of bubbly, right?

Whether you choose a hearty or a light meal, a glass of wine from our award-winning wine list will always be on the menu to complement your choice!

See all your options here.

How about a Champagne breakfast on a Dhoni or a wine tasting session in the warm lagoon of Maldives? 

Never tried? Well, you came to the right place!

See all the wine experiences awaiting you at Constance Halaveli and Constance Moofushi.

No island escape would be the same without at least a decadent wine pairing, don't you think?

Why not try one on your next stay at Constance Tsarabanjina?



Originally from the Drôme region, Jérôme Faure our Group Corporate Sommelier manages 75 sommeliers across our seven hotels
in the Indian Ocean. Thanks to his passion and know-how,
Constance Cellar is one of the most beautiful cellars in the Indian Ocean with talented sommeliers.


With his great passion for wine, Jorald our Assistant Corporate Sommelier won Best Sommelier of Mauritius in 2012 before winning first place of Best Sommelier at the 10th Vatel Convention in Bordeaux. In 2016, he proudly represented Mauritius at the World's Best Sommelier Competition for the first time. Jorald is known as one of the most brilliant Mauritian sommeliers.


Passionate about gastronomy Shani, Sommelier & Wine Event Coordinator studied hotel and restaurant management at the Institut Paul Bocuse. During her sommelier internship at Constance Hotels & Resorts with Jérôme Faure and Jorald Julie, the world of wine captivated her. She then returned to France and obtained a diploma in Wine & Management at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. Today she is the youngest sommelier within the group and is in charge of wine events.