Diving in the Indian Ocean

There is much more to the Indian Ocean than just paradise-like beaches and exuberant landscapes. Under the water, there is a whole new universe tucked away that is as exotic and exciting as the one on land. Put on your fins and explore some of the best dive sites in the world! You’ll find UNESCO-protected marine parks, chains of endless reefs covered in coral, and shipwrecks that have become a Mecca for underwater photographers.

Its varied terrain guarantees a unique experience for divers of all levels. The adventure begins just a few metres below sea level, in calm water with forests of anemones and gorgonians inhabited by brightly coloured tropical fish, and goes down all the way to 40 metres below the open ocean, on the migration route for both whale sharks and humpback whales. Book one of the diving packages and find your own paradise under the sea.

Diving Destinations



Mauritius is one of the best dive sites in the world. Discover its pristine, brightly-coloured coral reefs and photogenic shipwrecks.




Once in Seychelles, you can dive at the site of one of the largest coral reefs on the planet with the highest density of fish in the world.




Follow in the footsteps of Jacques Cousteau and discover the more than 1,200 species of fish that live in this gigantic and one-of-a-kind natural aquarium.




Discover the underwater secrets of the “Great Red Island”, which is home to 56 types of sharks and is a migration area for humpback whales.




The Indian Ocean floor is hard to beat. Many of its islands and atolls are protected by a coral barrier that creates lagoons of emerald water, perfect for snorkelling. On the other side of the reef, more experienced divers can find underwater landscapes that will take your breath away.

With a tropical climate, the water temperature never drops below 22ºC, which means almost any time of the year is good for diving. The visibility exceeds 40 metres at some dive sites, so you can even give yourself the luxury of going on a night dive. Put on your fins and enjoy the action!

Diving at the Ari Atoll

The waters surrounding the Ari Atoll are one of the best places for diving in the Indian Ocean. Explore the wonderful coral formations that cover the Broken Rock canyon, and swim through the Kuda Rah Thila overhangs where gorgonians are plentiful, accompanied by colourful tropical fish and elegant eagle rays.

Unique underwater scenery

From the dreamlike beauty of Dragon’s Teeth to the charming Japanese Garden in Mauritius, the underwater vistas in the Indian Ocean are sublime. You’ll be amazed by the luxuriant carpet of seaweed at the Rempart Serpent dive site, and by the blanket of black corals crowned by a forest of giant gorgonians at Nosy Be




Diving in the Indian Ocean takes you back in time to an era when the sea was still untouched. You’ll find 55 species of sharks, 300 types of hard corals and 1,300 species of bony fish, which will make your diving holidays an extraordinary experience. This remote oasis has become a refuge for endangered species such as the hawksbill turtle, and is a preferred breeding ground for humpback whales. Dive in and discover this vibrant marine life.

Swimming with turtles

Welcome to the Seychelles, the turtles' paradise. In Aldabra, there is a UNESCO-protected nature reserve where you can dive with the hawksbill turtles, or you can go swimming with the friendly green turtles around the coral reefs that border La Digue.

Go diving with sharks

Madagascar is one of the best places to dive with sharks. There are more than 50 species that live in its waters, such as reef sharks and leopard sharks. If you set sail for St. Mary’s Island, you’ll find awe-inspiring whale sharks and enormous humpback whales with their young.

Underwater speleology

Dive into the waters off Mauritius and make the “pilgrimage” into the Cathedral. This cave is 18 metres deep, and the light filtering down from above gives you the feeling of being in a majestic basilica. When you recover from the sheer awe, other caverns await you with colourful angel fish and clown fish.



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