When imagining an exclusive honeymoon, our mind draws a picture of snow-white sand beaches and crystalline waters adorned with rows of palm trees, where time moves at a different pace. You can find this honeymoon paradise on the islands in the Indian Ocean, one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Each of the islands in the Indian Ocean for honeymoon has its own character, although they all share a similar charm: beaches that will take your breath away.

An Indian Ocean honeymoon can also offer you vibrant adventures. Madagascar is one of the most exciting islands. One of the most amazing natural treasures on the planet awaits you in Mauritius. On Praslin Island, in Seychelles, you can immerse yourself in a green environment. 

Whatever your choice, Constance Honeymoon Package is available in Mauritius, Seychelles, Madagascar and the Maldives. The honeymoon package includes everything to make your honeymoon in the Indian Ocean perfect!


If you decide to celebrate your honeymoon in Mauritius, enjoy relaxing days under the shade of coconut trees, marvel at romantic sunsets on idyllic beaches, go on adventures in wild forests and golf courses with spectacular views of the sea; Choose Constance Honeymoon Package.


The landscape of Seychelles exudes warmth and love. Postcard perfect beaches, oversized romantic coves,  beautiful sunsets, lush trails, tropical jungle perfect to be enjoyed while on honeymoon in Seychelles. Book the Constance Honeymoon Package for an unforgettable lifetime experience on your Seychelles honeymoon.


Imagine a myriad of islands and atolls bathed by the warm water of the Indian Ocean, where every minute is a moment stolen from paradise: Welcome to the Maldives. The 1,190 coral islands that make up the archipelago looks like the work of a meticulous goldsmith who spared no expense to make it one of the most romantic destinations for a honeymoon. Book the Constance Honeymoon Package to live the most blissful of honeymoon in the Maldives.


 Bath in the warm water of the Indian Ocean, on the northwest coast of Madagascar in the Mitsio archipelago; surrounding Tsarabanjina Island. If intimacy and tranquility are what you are after, this is your luxury honeymoon destination with full exotic appeal, intact. Book the Constance Honeymoon Package and live a memorable honeymoon in Madagascar.




You can spend your Indian Ocean Honeymoon searching for the perfect beach, many have already found it on the Seychelles island of La Digue. The beauty of Source d’Argent has earned it the Guinness Record for the most photographed beach in the world with this backdrop any aquatic experience will be otherworldly.

Treat yourself to relaxing couple massages at the luxurious spas that look out over the sea, enjoy the spectacular sunsets taking dinner at the beach, or simply relax in the shade of a coconut tree while cooling off with exotic fruit cocktails.

Private dinner

Dinner under the stars

Take in spectacular views as you dine under the stars with your loved one by the indian ocean and tie the knot in a setting that is simply magical.

Romantic movie on the beach

Movie on the beach

And what better way to end a honeymoon night... a romantic movie on the indian ocean beach with champagne, maybe?!

Perfect honeymoon room

Romantic luxury rooms

Your love nest, chose a suite or villa with a splendid view, private terrace, pool or even your private beach! We have your perfect honeymoon room.




The Indian Ocean surprises its visitors with more than just its landscapes. Honeymoon can be a moment in life where you choose to spend one of the most exceptional experiences
with your better half. If you fancy taking the plunge, these islands offer world-class diving spots, explore one of the most impressive and richest marine ecosystems on the planet. Go on a palate-pleasing discovery trip, a private wine tasting, or perhaps tee off at the 18 hole golf course with exceptional panoramas.

Honeymoon in the Indian Ocean


No honeymoon in the Indian Ocean is complete without exploring the world beneath the crystal clear water under the guidance of our dive pros and excellent visibility of the water. Dive in world renowned dive sites during your honeymoon.


We take extra care to identify your objectives and preferences to fully relax, rejuvenate and find your equilibrium at U Spa. Enjoy blissful couple massages, Yoga session on the beach and while honeymooning with us.

Luxury golf honeymoon


Enjoy your luxury honeymoon with exceptional panoramas. Golf Fan?  Three 18 hole Golf courses, Golf car, specialised golf massages and daily complimentary lunch awaits in the Indian Ocean.



Are you planning a honeymoon? Our team is here to help and organise the most romantic honeymoon holidays in the Indian Ocean.  What to see, what to do, where to eat... just get in touch and we will be pleased to help you.