Victoire Finaz in Mauritius


We are pleased to welcome Victoire Finaz, < La Chocologue> (Chocologist) for the 16th edition of Constance Festival Culinaire in Mauritius.

Passionate about chocolate since her early childhood, Victoire Finaz nicknamed "Miss Chocolate" has built a very unique career, that of a Chocologist! Her title, which has also become her trademark, is a reference to her training as a psychologist. She has proven that it is possible to turn her passion into expertise, by cultivating her talent.

Victoire has developed her own method, close to oenology, using a multi-sensory approach.

Interesting, right? Here are 5 questions with Victoire Finaz, La Chocologue.

From Psychology to Chocology – tell us more about your choice
"I studied psychology to be able to move on to sensory marketing. I finished my psychology studies with a thesis on chocolate expertise, which gave me the opportunity to meet Pierre Hermé, Jean-Paul Hévin and all the great Parisian chocolate makers. I discovered that chocolate could be tasted like great wine and this triggered in me the desire to become a chocolate expert, to create chocology and to become a chocologist."

What does Chocolate represent for you?
"Chocolate is my life! From my childhood to today, I eat it every day. It is a great delicacy that punctuates my daily life. It is a taste that I love and that I love to rediscover. For me, chocolate represents conviviality and sharing. It represents the joy of family and festive moments as well as the pleasure of chocolate that is enjoyed slowly and for oneself."

Tell us about Chocologue Paris
"Chocologue Paris is the company that I created 15 years ago and which includes 3 activities:

- sale of chocolates for business gifts for companies
Indeed, my brand specialised in the personalisation of chocolate boxes and recipes for companies like Cartier, Clarins, LVMH, banks, law firms, communication agencies and more.

- event activity
We organise chocolate tastings for seminars for instance.

- training for gastronomy professionals and chocolate lovers
We transmit the necessary knowledge about chocolate/cocoa and the art of tasting to appreciate all its aromatic complexity.

Your favourite creation and why?
"All creations are personalised and therefore unique. I am proud to bring this chocolate know-how to the service of companies for their customers and employees with whom they create a special link.

My latest favourite creation is the "nuancier plantation", which is like a walk through the cocoa plantation with many new recipes such as the ginger ganache, the cashew praline..."

5 things in the life of a chocologist
"The love of the product, curiosity, the thirst for discovery, meetings and travels, as I take great pleasure in meeting professionals in the cocoa and chocolate industry. It is also the transmission through my tasting workshops where I share my knowledge. Finally, it is expressing my creativity through my collections."


Driven and guided by her passion and her expertise, Victoire became the Chocologist®️ and the Creator she dreamed of being. A critic of chocolate, recognized among his peers, Victoire will be part of the Jury for the Pierre Herme Trophy