Beachfront cooking class at Constance Lemuria

Join us for a truly unique culinary experience with Chef Bikram Shrestha, at Constance Lemuria Seychelles.
Imagine the warm sun on your face and the sound of the waves in the background as you learn how to cook some of the most delicious Seychellois or international dishes, all while enjoying a stunning view of the Indian Ocean. Led by our talented chef, Bikram Shrestha, this hands-on class will teach you the techniques and ingredients needed to create authentic Seychellois dishes, such as seafood curry or coconut milk-infused rice. After the class, you'll have the opportunity to savour your creations in a beachfront dining area, paired with a selection of fine wines. This is the perfect experience for foodies and cooking enthusiasts who want to learn more about the local cuisine and enjoy a beautiful setting at the same time.

Are you ready for a beachfront cooking class?

Here’s more on Chef Bikram:

Who is Chef Bikram Shrestha?
''Well, I would describe myself as a passionate, confident and creative chef who can skillfully plan menus, prepare outstanding food, manage budget and lead the team to provide quality service to our clients.

Over the years, I had gained relevant training and I will always ensure the applicable safety and hygiene procedures are followed. I am always on the lookout for new ideas and inspiration to create menus that keep customers coming back to restaurants repeatedly."

When did you decide to become a chef?
"I started my career in this industry very early, right after I completed my high school; I went for culinary arts class activities and then begin the journey."

What has inspired you to choose the world of culinary and hospitality path?
"I choose this industry because there is always a high demand for exceptional talent to express in a job that I love and I get to work with other passionate and talented people and learn something new every single day in busy environments with physically and mentally challenging environments. Last but not the least, I am also attracted to the excellent salary opportunities that allow me to achieve personal goals outside of work."

What is your favourite or least favourite dish to prepare and why?
"My favourite one is a chicken dumpling. The dumpling gives a juicy taste and it tingles my taste buds every time I eat it. I remember in my childhood when my mother was preparing the same as an evening snack and we were very excited to eat it."

What is your signature dish and what do people love about it?
"I love cooking food and my signature dish is a sushi green dragon roll. Prawn tempura, sesame seeds, shichimi powder and mayo topped with avocado. This combination of premium ingredients and the touch of avocado imported from Peru topped with our secret in-house mayo make this roll an option that everyone likes."

What are the 3 characteristics of a good chef according to you?
"Well, according to my point of view, a chef needs to have below characteristics:

- First, safety awareness and food hygiene procedures are the top priority.
- Take ownership of ongoing professional development. 
- Always be open to learning new techniques, be creative and love what you do."

What chefs do you follow on social media or admire the most in general?
"Kei Kobayashi is a Japanese chef and owner of the restaurant Kei in Paris His restaurant has earned three Michelin stars in 2020. He is the first Japanese chef to earn three Michelin stars in France."

What is your best memory of working as a chef at Constance Lemuria? Do you have a Constance moment?
"My best memory in Lemuria is my team, I must say although we have busy and challenging working environments sometimes, we always work as a team to make it happen smoothly and to get achieve our goals."

What advice will give to the young generation who want to follow your path?
"My suggestion would be to always be positive and keep practicing the task until you get perfect results. Love what you do, always be keen to learn the techniques from seniors, and follow the safety and hygiene guidelines. Always be ready to work in stressful situations."