Mauritius is a precious gem both above and below the water. An idyllic beach like Belle Mare is only the prelude to the treasures hidden in its ocean. Put on your fins and get ready to dive in Mauritius! You only need to dive down a few metres to enter the fascinating multicoloured world of the Indian Ocean.

With close to 330 kilometres of coastline and about 100 dive sites just around the main island, there is no place for boredom in Mauritius, and each dive will be different. You will find amazing coral reefs that have been splendidly preserved, along with plenty of photogenic shipwrecks that are full of marine life.

Where to dive



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Best dive spots in Mauritius

Mauritius has a magnificent seabed that has become a Mecca for underwater photographers. Its coral reefs remain intact: they have not been bleached or affected by global warming, which is why many people travel to this part of the world in order to dive in the coral reefs around Mauritius. With more than 200 species of coral, all you will have to think about is where to point the camera.

New landscapes await as you head away from the coral reef and leave behind the emerald colour to enter the deep blue. The delicate beauty of the coral is complemented by more striking panoramas, marked by large walls that descend down into the depths. You can explore fantastic caves and discover impressive peaks that rise up out of the depths of the ocean.

The Cathedral

Immerse yourself in one of the best dive spots in Mauritius. The light filters through the system of caves and arches, offering an incredible panorama for taking photos. Colourful angel fish, clown fish, and impressive moray eels hidden can be seen in the overhangs and crevices.

The unreal Rempart Serpent

In Mauritius you will find an impressive web of seaweed that stretches for over 100 metres, which moves with the currents and looks like a giant snake slithering along the ocean floor.

Underwater walk

Submerged Japanese Garden

Not only does Belle Mare have fantastic beaches, but it also has some of the best dive sites in Mauritius. Dive into its waters and explore the Japanese garden, which owes its name to the fascinating web of brightly-coloured corals next to an incredible field of anemones where clownfish live.


Adventures in the depths

Diving in Mauritius means entering a world of underwater wonders. The crystal-clear water has a visibility of more than 40 metres and the temperatures are between 28°C in summer and 22°C in winter, offering ideal conditions for diving all year round. However, the diving season in Mauritius is from October to December and from March to April, when the winds are calmer.

While the adventure begins just 5 metres down, it extends way beyond 40 metres, meaning everyone can find their own diving oasis in Madagascar. These waters are home to a rich marine life, made up of over 400 different species, from friendly angel fish and clownfish to slow-moving turtles and large pelagic fish that help create unforgettable diving experiences.

Swimming with sharks

12 metres down and swimming against strong currents, you can have an experience that will take your breath away. The Shark Basin is one of the best places for diving with sharks in Mauritius. Bull and reef sharks who have made these waters their home will pass right by.

Hunting for sunken ships

Take advantage of the diving courses in Mauritius to find the shipwrecks. The Stella Maru awaits you 23 metres down, a boat that remains almost entirely intact, while the Hoi Siong 6 is just 29 metres away: a dream come true for underwater photographers.

Diving at St. Jacques

Fancy going on a drift dive? You’ll begin in the lagoon, whose waters are less than 5 metres deep, and then dive down as the current guides you through coral walls and rocky peaks that reach a depth of 30 metres. You will be accompanied by eagle rays, turtles and reef sharks.

We will take care of everything to ensure your diving experience in Mauritius is perfect. We offer diving courses and packages in Mauritius tailored to your needs, so that you can truly enjoy your diving holiday. Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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