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Off the southeast coast of Africa lies the fourth largest island on the planet, famous for being home to one of the longest coral reef chains in the world. Madagascar is an underwater paradise where you can find more than 300 types of coral, in all kinds of amazing shapes and colours.

The water that surround the “Great Red Island” hide a landscape as exotic as the one that unfolds above the sea, the habitat of 56 types of sharks and close to 1,300 species of bony fish. You will be able to explore its caves, get close to an old fishing trawler that has sunk into the depths, and dive down an imposing 20-metre canyon right next to the continental shelf.

Where to dive



Diving on the island of Tsarabanjina is a true luxury. Admire its vast reef formations as you swim with whale sharks and stingrays.

Constance Tsarabanjina Madagascar


An ocean full of life

Beneath Madagascar’s crystal-clear water lies an impressive aquatic forest inhabited by a wide variety of marine species, from the robust groupers and the peculiar scorpion fish to the colourful clownfish and surgeonfish. Immerse yourself in its depths and get ready to join the intricate dance of the enormous schools of fusiliers, snappers and barracudas.

The diving season in Madagascar runs from May to December, when cyclone season ends and visibility exceeds 30 metres. The migration season begins in August, so if you want to dive with the humpback whales, the best months to visit are from August to October.

Vibrant life in the reef

Scuba diving in Madagascar is like opening a window to a whole new wonderful world. At Ifaty, you can explore an impressive coral reef barrier that stretches for 40 kilometres, where lionfish and sea ostriches live. Or you can “turn off the lights” for a night dive to see the squirrelfish and soldierfish.

Swimming among sharks

Diving with sharks is an adrenaline-fueled experience that you will never forget. Head for Nosy Tanikely, home of the striking leopard sharks, or dive at Banc du Petit Castor, a popular gathering point for both whitetip reef sharks and grey sharks.

Encounter the giants

Swim with humpback whales, which can be seen every year in the area surrounding St. Mary’s Island as they migrate north.


Dreamy landscapes

Impressive marine diversity and an environment of incomparable beauty have turned Nosy Be into one of the best dive sites in Madagascar; and the area surrounding the Mitsio Archipelago will not disappoint you either. With an average water temperature between 26 and 28°C, the conditions are perfect for exploring the secrets of the Indian Ocean at a relaxed pace.

From the impressive coral formations to the gorgonian forests, the abrupt canyons and the incredible plateaus, everything you see melds harmoniously on a giant canvas that can amaze and seduce even the most experienced divers.

Go diving among coral

Get ready to be surprised! At Nosy Be, there is a unique seascape hidden away: a blanket of black corals next to an enchanted forest of giant gorgonians. Immerse yourself in this underwater paradise dotted with delicate sea sponges, as well as hard and soft corals with whimsical shapes and indescribable colours.

Go explore the depths

If you are passionate about deep dives, Greg Wall is your perfect dive spot. Put on your fins, grab a flashlight and dive into the impressive gorgonian-covered canyon that descends about 35 metres to the entrance of the underwater cave. You will not be alone: albacore tuna, sea horses and rays will be there with you.

Les Quatre Frères

In front of Tsarabanjina, there are four basalt rocks that rise up to 90 metres, then plummet deep down into the ocean. When you dive down, you will find caves, deep cliffs and impressive rock formations where unicorn fish and lobsters live. If you dive at dusk, you will witness a spectacular sunset.

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