On the trail of Constance Hotels & Resorts hospitality


When you’ve had the chance to have a dreamy vacation, you just want that dream to never end, right? Meet Gabriele Paoli, who was in Seychelles at both Constance Lemuria and Ephelia recently following his trip to the Maldives at Constance Moofushi.
Gabriele is actually on the trail of Constance Hotels & Resorts hospitality; after Constance Moofushi, he wanted to see if the outstanding Constance customer service could have been recreated through our different hotels and resorts across the Indian Ocean... “Spoiler alert: It was even better!” – Gabriele Paoli

If you are curious about Gabriele’s findings, and our hotels and resorts
in both the Seychelles and Maldives, read on.


Please tell us about your trip from the UK to Seychelles.
"We flew with Emirates from London Gatwick, stopped in Dubai for less than 1 hour and then took another flight to Mahe. Constance reserved a private driver to escort us to Ephelia and that is where our dream began."

In your opinion who should stay at Constance Ephelia and who should stay at Constance Lemuria?
"That’s a great question! I’d say that I highly recommend experiencing both hotels as they are very different.
Ephelia feels like being on an island within the island, there are many things to do and a variety of completely different spots that would make everyone happy. On top of that, Ephelia has the best SPA I have ever seen during my travels. My husband fell in love with the giant turtles and the food from each restaurant, especially at the Cyann. Lemuria has a more exotic and glamorous vibe. The beaches are straight out of a postcard and all of it’s so too perfect to seem true. The Legend restaurant has the best buffet you could ever try!"

You've stayed at three Constance Hotels & Resorts already, which one is your favourite so far?
"This is too hard to say. How can you choose among your loved ones?
If I had to pick one, I’d go with Moofushi just because it was my first love."

Name your preferred spot at each hotel and why?
"The hammock in the sea at Moofushi because it’s the ultimate definition of relaxing,
the Jacuzzi tub at the Ephelia Spa has a great view and the sunset at the Petite Anse at Lemuria will make you feel complete."

How was dinner at Nest and Diva restaurants respectively?
"NEST: Our dinner in Nest was the most memorable gastronomic experience in Seychelles.
Everything was perfect, from the welcoming hostess to the impeccable table set up and restaurant decor.
A memorable experience that we will treasure forever.
We enjoyed the most hearing the waves crashing on the nearby rocks while we dined in style.

"DIVA: After a day spent between the pristine beaches of the hotel and some quality tee time with an amazing coach, dinner at a Diva was the best way to wind down in a refined and curated environment.
Dinner was served on the restaurant rooftop, nestled in the tropical canopy of the hotel grounds.
The decors were beautifully inspired by the marine life of Seychelles, and the food was to die for.
The team was very accommodating and understanding of our eating restrictions, and produced dishes to delight any palate."

How was your golf initiation at Lemuria Golf Course?
"Well, even if you are not passionate about golf, it’s guaranteed that when you are at Lemuria you will want to try to play it! Our course was a great experience mainly because of our teacher who was very patient with us and we were both clumsy beginners! At the end of the golf initiation course, you will get to play in a very special spot (I’m not going to spoil you)."

Which Constance destination is next on your bucket list?
"I’d happily visit Constance Tsarabanjina in Madagascar!"

What's your Constance moment?
"As we visit two Hotels and two islands I could say we had two Constance moments.
At Constance Ephelia: Waking up and taking a dip in our private swimming pool while enjoying a floating breakfast
was the best way to start a day of exploring and delighting our senses.

At Constance Lemuria: After leaving our luggage at the welcome desk, were led to a magnificent dark door at the entrance to the resort. A loud gong signaled our arrival, then the door opened revealing a breathtaking view of the pools nestled among the beautiful rocks, and the hotel's pristine beach.
We thought we had arrived in paradise!"

Stay at All-Inclusive Constance Moofushi?

Stay at All-Inclusive Constance Moofushi?

Guest story 26: "At Moofushi you can hang up your shoes and walk barefoot the whole time, it seemed like the perfect place for me." - Gabriele Paoli