Constance Prince Maurice X Lucibel.Le Paris


From the spa village in Seychelles to the over-water spa in the Maldives, each Constance Spa is beautifully designed and carefully positioned to offer wholeness, relaxation and utmost bliss at Constance Hotels & Resorts.
Now you can also add,
innovative and high-quality cosmetic products, and treatments to the list as

Constance Prince Maurice signs a partnership with Lucibel.le Paris for the OVE beauty mask.
OVE beauty mask is now available at Constance Prince Maurice’s spa.

We are delighted to offer this new technology to our customers,” said Christophe Plantier, General Manager at Constance Prince Maurice.
“Lucibel.le Paris is a highly regarded brand and a valuable partnership for our establishment. I am convinced that our guests will be delighted to be able to experience this innovative technology and discover the incredible benefits of the latest mask in the range, the most powerful of its generation”.

The OVE beauty mask helps fight the effects of aging and promotes cell regeneration resulting in radiantly beautiful skin, thanks to red LED light. The latter is known to reduce the depth of wrinkles, improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin, even out the complexion, reduce the diameter of the pores, smooth the skin and regulate excess sebum.  

The result of an original collaboration between Lucibel.le Paris, a subsidiary of the leader in photobiomodulation by LED light, and the French fashion designer and creator Olivier Lapidus, the OVE beauty mask makes it possible to sublimate the skin according to the principle of LED photobiomodulation, providing innovative technology with proven effectiveness.

“We are very happy that the OVE beauty mask has found its perfect setting: Constance Prince Maurice and the know-how of its staff. Customers will thus have the certainty of living an experience that is out of the ordinary and, I can even say, ahead of its time!"- Says Delphine de Conto, Sales Director of the brand for the Indian Ocean.

 Guests are invited to make an appointment so they can be introduced to the OVE beauty mask and be given an explanation of its use and benefits.