Stay at All-Inclusive Constance Moofushi?



Wondering where to stay in the Maldives? Read on as London-based Italian/British content producer, Gabriele Paoli as known as Gabe Paoli shares his experience at the chic all-inclusive hotel, Constance Moofushi.



Was it your 1st time in the Maldives?
Among the pool of hotels in the Maldives, why and what made you pick Constance Moofushi?

"Yes, it was definitely my first time in the Maldives, and I pictured on my mind the sort of holiday I wanted to have so many times. I wanted to go away from the gray sky in London and live for 2 weeks without worrying about anything. Talking to a friend, he mentioned the fact that at Moofushi you can hang up your shoes at walk barefoot the whole time, it seemed like the perfect place for me, and I was right!"

How did you find the hotel? Do not hesitate to be detailed.
"I think if you go on my Instagram profile you will see a detailed reportage of the hotel. I couldn’t stop taking pictures and videos! Moofushi is what you expect from a dreamy experience in the Maldives and much more. I think this atoll put a spell on you because you’d never leave it!"

If you could take 5 things from the hotel back home, what would they be?
"I’d take the spotlessly white sand, the turquoise ocean, that sense of peace and complete relax you feel over there, the friendliness of the staff members, the absolutely insane sky full of stars at night."

What was your most enjoyable experience at Constance Moofushi?
"It’s hard to pick one as there are loads! I would say, the private cruise at sunset was unique, the private candlelight dinner by the ocean was sensational and if you like snorkeling and diving there is nothing better for you!"

Your favourite restaurant and food there?
"Alizee was my favourite. I have to say, I’m a fussy eater and it’s not easy to please me as I have a few allergies and food that simply, I don’t like, the staff from Alizee was very accommodating and they didn’t make me feel uncomfortable with my special requests. They were ready to revisit their menu for me, with a smile, and this it’s all that matter to me."

How did you find the hospitality there?
"I can say out loud that the customer service was outstanding. It was like they knew my taste."

Tell us about the Villa you stayed in.
"We chose a Beach Villa because we loved to be either close to all the facilities or surrounded by the jungle. Our room was huge, and it also had a private walk-in outdoor shower under the palm trees! It was beautifully decorated, and it had a private patio with a hammock and a secluded beach. I have to say that I was a bit worried about the potential insects that sometimes in a tropical and exotic island you can find in your room at night, but in over two weeks we didn't see even a mosquito! Simply perfect!!!"

Who should go to Constance Moofushi in your opinion?
"When I came back from my holiday, I said to everyone that, after all the trouble we endured with the covid pandemic, the government should offer all the citizens a holiday at Moofushi! I heard so many times that the Maldives is just a place for honeymooners, and you will get bored after a few days, well, I stayed 1 month at Moofushi! There is always something to do. Also, as a married gay man, we felt completely comfortable at Moofushi, free to be ourselves."

What was your Constance moment?"
"I could say that it was when we saw the bioluminescence at night just by the Senior Water Villas. It was epic! It felt like to be in a Disney Cartoon where the water sparkles with thousands of lights and the magic begins."


*a ConstanceMoment is a moment spent at Constance hotel which cannot be replicated and lived elsewhere. It’s the little magical touch /memory that you will remember forever.