Wine & Dine in Mauritius

Wine & Dine in Mauritius

If you are looking to enjoy warm sunny hospitality and exquisite wines from around the world in one beautiful place, La Paulée by Constance is the answer.
For the 2019 edition, @wine.gini aka Georgia Panagopoulou; wine communicator with international studies in wine, chemistry and digital media was among our wonderful guests. Read on and find out her beautiful vinous experience.

Describe your "wine experience" in Mauritius.
First time in Mauritius and if I could describe the experience in one word that would be enriching! The opportunity to meet, interact and create bonds with wine professionals from around the world, while discovering the wine culture and the people of Constance Hotels, was unique. We awakened our senses with flavours and wines, experienced top and warm hospitality and we learned the stories behind great winemakers! All these in a paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean. What else to ask for?


What did you appreciate the most while celebrating La Paulée with Constance Hotels & Resorts?
As a wine world traveller what I appreciate when I visit a new place is to embrace the culture, meet the locals, feel the terroir, and understand what a place is made of. The celebration of La Paulée by Constance is a gathering of nations, where everything starts with a glass of wine and continues with everything that the wine culture is made of. A week to make new friends, exchange views, learn and join a network of top professionals while sharing our passion for wine, food, culture and excellent 5* hospitality. I can't wait to come back!

Tell us about the wines and food pairings.
When it comes to food & wine, I am the absolute foodie, so Constance Hotels made my visit feel like heaven on earth! Many restaurants and cuisines to choose from during the day, and the dinners with the wine producers being the absolute highlight! The sommeliers along with the chefs adapted their menu according to each producer's profile so that wines from Germany, Italy, France, South Africa and Spain found their match!


How would you describe events organised by Constance Hotels & Resorts?
If you are an experience seeker while travelling, all I can say is don't miss this!
The team combined their top luxury services and the culture of Mauritius. At one moment you will find yourself at the local market trying fruits, smelling spices and grabbing a traditional 'farata' with tamarind juice and the other discover the rum and the sugar cane history.
For wine lovers’ daily Masterclasses and vinous discussions with the producers over a glass of wine and delicious food paired with them.


If you could describe your stay at Constance Prince Maurice in 1 sentence, what would it be?
I would say "luxury, wine and gastronomy at its best"


Who would you recommend Mauritius to and Why?
My closest friends are experience seekers just like me, adventurous wine lovers. Millennials always look for destinations that can offer them unique, customised moments, complemented by a cultural context. They are already asking me how they can participate next year at La Paulée or visit Mauritius, after following me @wine.gini during my exciting La Paulée week.


What was your ultimate Constance Moment*?
Well, a catamaran wine tasting in the middle of the Indian Ocean with the top sommelier team of Constance Hotels, the wine producers and the participants is something that will stay with me forever!

Catamaran-wine-tasting-La-Paulée- by-Constance

*a ConstanceMoment is a moment spent at Constance hotel which cannot be replicated and lived elsewhere. It’s the little magical touch /memory that you will remember forever.