Luxury tropical living at Constance Ephelia

Luxury tropical living at Constance Ephelia

Soft sandy beaches, stunning ocean views, a nice relaxing atmosphere… Constance Ephelia promises luxurious holidays in a tropical paradise.

Follow famous travel blogger @pilotmadeleine, aka Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach’s holidays and discovery of Constance Ephelia’s splendid villas!

At Constance Hotels & Resorts: ‘’You come as guests, you leave as friends’’. How much did you appreciate your experience with Constance Ephelia?

We loved our stay so much and will definitely come back! We took our baby with us and everyone was so friendly to him. The resort is really stunning! We loved the nature and the different beaches.

Tell us about the food & restaurants.

The food and the restaurants were most likely the best we had in the Seychelles. I can recommend getting some Sushi for lunch and having the buffet for dinner. The selection varies there every day and there is so much to choose from. I eat very healthy and there were so many healthy options (both for breakfast and dinner). I also loved that baby puree was free at the resort (which we definitely took advantage of) so our little one loved the food as well!

And how did you find the Spa?

My fiancé and I both had a massage which was simply excellent! The spa is also very beautiful so even if you haven’t booked a treatment, it is still worth it spending some time there for instance by the beautiful pool.

Describe your ‘’holiday experience’’ in the Beach Villa:

I’d say ‘’Exceptional & delightful’’. The Beach Villas at Constance Ephelia are very spacious and especially suited for families who would like to have some privacy. The water of the pool was very warm, so we took our little one to swim there which he really loved!


Tell us about the Hillside Villas and Presidential Villas. Were they up to your expectations?

My personal favorite of all villas were the Hillside Villas. The view from up there is out of this world! We were able to have a look at one and it was one of the dreamiest villas we’ve ever seen! As a couple without kids or older kids I can definitely recommend to book this category! And of course if you want to experience something really exceptional book your stay at the Presidential Villa which was also amazing!

Considering the different Villas at Constance Ephelia, which category would you recommend to your closest friends and/or entourage? Why?

Definitely the Hillside Villas because the view from there is out of this world!

What was your ultimate Constance Moment?

I would say entering the Hillside Villas for the first time and enjoying the incredible view!