Where to stay in Mauritius by Delphine Neto


Beautifully set steps from the ocean with stunning architectural design, both Constance Prince Maurice and Constance Belle Mare Plage are perfect for a memorable tropical holiday. If you are considering travelling to Mauritius soon but don’t know where to stay, we suggest you read the experience of Delphine Neto who was at both hotels recently.
Delphine is a Social Media Director for a communication agency in Paris and a content creator during her free time. She chose Mauritius together with Kiwi Collection for a couple of relaxation days.


Was it your 1st time at Constance Prince Maurice? Please share a quick overview from your flight till the check-in at the hotel.
“Yes, it was my first time at Constance Prince Maurice and I definitely had “a coup de coeur” for this hotel. My stay there was insane. From the airport to the hotel, the service, the location, the room, the restaurants… Absolutely everything was unforgettable. I have already recommended this hotel to my followers who asked me my thought about it.
Go go go go, you will love it for sure.”

5 things you liked in your suite at Constance Belle Mare Plage and at Constance Prince Maurice
"At Constance Prince Maurice: Front row to the beach, the terrace to enjoy til the end of the night, close to everything, a cloud-like bed for beautiful nights, the intimacy between each suite.

At Constance Belle Mare: The insanity of the villa, the private pool, the floating breakfast, the service and being “cut out” from the rest of the world."


How did you find the service at the hotel as well as the food and beverage options?
"The service was absolutely excellent and the food was so varied. So many delicious choices. The restaurants were amazing and everyone can find what they are looking for (healthy/vegan/gourmet food) I call that perfection."

Who do you think should stay at Constance Prince Maurice? And at Constance Belle Mare Plage?
"At Constance Prince Maurice: A couple on their honeymoon or for renewal of vows because of the peaceful vibes and paradisiac atmosphere.

At Constance Belle Mare: For couples with kids, with all the activities and all the pools, the hotel would be pure happiness for kids."


Best breakfast spot and why? (between Constance Belle Mare Plage and at Constance Prince Maurice)
"For both, at Constance Prince Maurice & Constance Belle Mare, with a front row seat to the sea view.
This is the best way to begin the day in Constance’s paradise."

3 things you wished you could take back home from Constance Belle Mare Plage and from Constance Prince Maurice.
"For both:
The sun. We need more vitamin D in Paris :)
The peaceful atmosphere
The kindness of the Constance teams"

What was your Constance moment?
"The floating breakfast at the villa at Constance Belle Mare was an unforgettable moment. And I also loved enjoying the sunset shows at Constance Prince Maurice, just like a painting with colours and reflections. Simply magical."