Travel to the Seychelles with Pilotluana


If you are asking yourself if it's the right time to travel the world, we invite you to dive into @pilotluana 's testimonials, when they travelled all the way from Europe to Seychelles and stayed at both Constance Lemuria and Constance Ephelia.


Who is @pilotluana?
"The former one was a girl (Luana) who was sharing her helicopter training in Brazil, USA and Canada. After moving to Canada, Luana started to study hospitality management in a college in Vancouver and that’s when her passion for travelling and her new hospitality knowledge was naturally integrated to her social media side.
The second version is the most recent one. @Pilotluana became Luana & Fred. We’re both helicopter pilots. Luana has also a bachelor degree in Economics and in Hospitality Management and Fred used to be a Lawyer before becoming a Pilot.

Last year, after the pandemic hit the world, we moved to Europe, after living in Canada for 3 years, and started our journey as travel content creators transforming @PilotLuana into a luxury travel brand.

We’re both now constantly travelling the world looking for the best luxury accommodations. We research A LOT before working with a hotel so we make sure they not only are the best but also that their staff is amazing - we’ll get deeper into this later on. We only promote the most beautiful destinations and places such as Constance Hotels."

How would you describe travelling?
"Traveling is the best way to get rich. Don’t get us wrong. We are not talking about money here.
  We are talking about becoming rich inside. Clichê? Hell Yeah. But also so true. Travelling makes you more open to yourself and to the world. A better and more humble person. A real-life storyteller. It makes you realize that this beautiful globe has so much more to offer than you think.
It's not just about finding and exploring new beautiful destinations but for us, ‘Travelling’ is embracing new challenges and new adventures, making new friends and more importantly experiencing and understanding new cultures.
Honestly travelling is the best investment you can make for yourself. We won’t take anything from this life. So let’s make the best memories ever!"

Is there any message you want to share via all your posts?  What is it?

"Absolutely! There are two main messages we to share via our posts:
- To inspire people with videos and photos to take that plane ticket, book that amazing hotel and have the best time of their lives like we are having. We don’t ever want our followers to think that the places we go and the experiences we have, are impossible for them. We want to show that ‘THEY ALSO CAN’. Especially in moments like now with this whole pandemic situation, we know how hard it can be for some people to be locked in their homes.
We want them to feel like they are traveling with us :)

- Luxury is also about people. Let’s give you an example here: If you go to an amazing restaurant, a 5-star restaurant one, and the food is absolutely amazing but the service was really really awful and the staff was rude, how would you rate that experience? Would you go back to that restaurant? Probably not, right? Now think for a second that you went to the same quality restaurant, the food wasn’t so great but the people were the best ever!! Now, how would you rate this experience? You would probably come back and give them another chance! They were so incredibly nice to you. Maybe it wasn’t the chef’s best day, eh?
Long story short, a 5-star hotel/brand is based on its people and experience behind and not only on luxury itself. Like Constance Hotels for example :)"

Best things to do as a couple at Constance Ephelia?

"At Constance Ephelia, things that we loved the most doing were:
Relax at our beach villa in our private pool
Catch the most gorgeous sunset at the beach step away from our villa
Kayak around the resort
Get a couple massage at the Spa
Wine Tasting followed by dinner at Cyann
Have a culinary experience at one of the 5 restaurants
Feed the giant tortoises"

And at Constance Lemuria?

"SunDowner on tee 15
Picnic at the GORGEOUS Anse Georgette - Definitely one of the most beautiful beaches we’ve ever been to
Romantic dinner “On the Rocks” at The Nest
Golf Initiation
Dinner at ‘Diva’"

Share your thoughts on the sanitary measures you noticed at Constance Ephelia & Constance Lemuria?
"The sanitizer measures at both resorts were incredible. All amenities of the resorts were super clean. All staff was wearing masks and you can find hand sanitizer everywhere including in your room. Temperature checks upon arrival and contactless check-in available. Even our luggage was disinfected. They take this really seriously and we love that."

Tell us about your spa experience at Constance Ephelia's spa?
"Wow! Can we go back already? We both had the most amazing relaxing time. We got a mix of detoxing and relaxing massage and it was divine. The SPA itself is gorgeous and the staff is super welcoming and professional.
Oh! And it smells SO good :)"

Your favourite lunch spot at Constance Ephelia?
"Adam & Eve. Beautiful location just by the pool with amazing food. We ordered the Pad Thai and the Char-Griller Pork Ribs and both of them were incredible!"

And at Constance Lemuria?
"Can we say the picnic at the most gorgeous beach?? Finger food, salad, fruits, cheese and much more at the perfect location. That was a day we’ll never forget! Until today, it’s Fred’s fav beach in the world"

Describe Constance Ephelia in 5words
"Oasis in a heavenly place."

Constance Lemuria in 5 words
"The most beautiful beach ever."

Is there any team member that caught your attention? Who and why?
"Yes!! John Narain at Constance Ephelia was simply AMAZING! Such a nice person and so hard working. He took such good care of us and was always prompt to help in any requests.
At Constance Lemuria? Who and why? No doubt, Kheshma was the best! She spoiled us so much!
It was Fred’s birthday when we were staying at Constance Lemuria and I don’t think he has ever gotten so many gifts in his life! She was truly wonderful! One day she was taking us around with the golf cart and stopped to give Luana a flower, how incredibly kind is that?

Jérôme the wine specialist and Dominique golf teacher were also so great! We cannot forget to mention them.

Ps: We would like to give Angelique a shoutout as well. Even though we didn’t meet her in person - but we are still looking forward to one day - she has been such a wonderful person to us! Always answering our questions so promptly and always really kind to us."

Tell us about your Constance moment at Constance Ephelia?
"We felt like home at Constance Ephelia. We would bike through the resort to even go feed the tortoises or go have lunch or just to the beach and on our way we would find an amazing staff waving at us all the time and so much nature around us. It was just incredible! It truly felt like home."

And at Constance Lemuria?
"Our Constance moment was definitely on Fred’s B-day. We had the most incredible day and were super spoiled. We were spoiled every day but on that day we really felt the Constance way of excellence."


*a ConstanceMoment is a moment spent at Constance hotel which cannot be replicated and lived elsewhere. It’s the little magical touch /memory that you will remember forever.