Seychelles the perfect island getaway


Have you been to Seychelles yet or weighing your options?
We suggest you read the following testimonials from two of our guests, Jennifer aka @izkiz content traveller and travel blogger from the Uk and Umit aka @iamtravelr who is an App developer and has a passion for travelling and photography

How did you find Seychelles?
Jennifer: "Seychelles was amazing! I had seen a lot of photos before but nothing could prepare me for how gorgeous Seychelles was in real life. It’s the ultimate tropical island experience and I loved every minute of my time there."
Umit: "I loved it, the people were so friendly and kind and even though I knew nature would be beautiful - it was way beyond my expectations, especially the beaches."

List three things you find authentic to the island
Jennifer: "The beaches…were some of the best and most beautiful I have ever been to - white sand, turquoise waters and big granite boulders.
The wildlife…was amazing, especially the birds and the giant tortoises. As a diver I hope to visit again one day and discover the underwater world and marine life! The people…I have travelled to many countries and found the people of Seychelles to be one of the most cheerful and welcoming people."
Umit: "The beautiful nature from the beaches to the mountains.
The exotic birds and their amazing bright colours and sounds come from the trees.
The food but especially the fruits - the pineapple and coconut were the most delicious I’ve ever had!"

Describe your holiday at Constance Ephelia and Constance Lemuria.
Jennifer: "Lemuria: The perfect hotel to visit to relax and enjoy the beautiful beaches and peace of the surrounding nature.
Ephelia: Adventurous with lots of activities such as zip-lining, kayaking and rock climbing.
Both hotels are great, I would say Constance Lemuria is more suited to couples while Constance Ephelia is better for families with children as there’s so much to do there."
Umit: "Lemuria: A super luxurious, laid-back, relaxing island getaway. Ephelia: Adventure filled holiday with lots of activities and things to do." 

Would you say Seychelles is an ideal destination for an island getaway? Why?
Jennifer: "Absolutely, Seychelles has so much to offer. Amazing beaches, friendly locals, luxurious hotels, incredible wildlife and a great climate all make Seychelles the perfect island getaway."
Umit: "Yes definitely, when you arrive on one of the islands you are surrounded by amazing nature and your daily routine completely changes as you immerse yourself into island life. You eat more delicious foods with different flavours, the climate is perfect, the people are kind and that makes for an ideal island getaway."

Three things that were in your luggage & which are also ‘must-have’ items during a stay at Constance Lemuria and at Constance Ephelia?
Jennifer: "My camera, my phone and a suitcase full of dresses! As an Instagrammer, these are my must-have items whenever I travel to an exotic location."  
Umit: "Swimming goggles, camera and memory cards because it was so beautiful that we took so many photos and our cards filled up so quickly!"

Tell us about the food and restaurants at the hotels. Were they up to your expectations?
Jennifer: "We ate a lot of great food during our week at the Constance Hotels.
My 2 highlights were: At Constance Lemuria, we had a special dinner at the wine cellar at Diva Restaurant. It was a really unique evening with delicious food and Jérôme, the head sommelier, paired our dinner with some amazing wine.

At Constance Ephelia there was a choice of 5 restaurants and each one was great but my favourite was Adam & Eve where I had some of the best Asian cuisines I’ve ever eaten."

Umit: "All of the restaurants were amazing. I cannot say one is better than the other but we had some really unique experiences such as breakfast “On the rock” where you eat your breakfast or dinner in private with an infinity view of the ocean. What really surprised me and what I miss every day since I left Seychelles was the juicy Seychelles pineapple." 

What were the #TrueIndianOcean experiences you had at Constance Lemuria and at Constance Ephelia?
Jennifer: "Swimming at Anse Georgette beach which is just a 15-minute walk from Constance Lemuria hotel and one of the best beaches in Seychelles!
Ziplining through the jungle at Constance Ephelia was super fun and a unique experience too."

Umit: "Snorkelling in the crystal clear sea spotting marine life such as stingrays and turtles. I also enjoyed the special floating breakfast experience overlooking the beautiful National Marine Park of Port Launay at Constance Ephelia."

1 thing you wished you could take home from Constance Lemuria and one from Constance Ephelia?
Jennifer: "My golf buggy that came with the Hillside villa at Constance Ephelia! I loved whizzing around on it and I wish I could use it in my daily life too!
At Constance Lemuria hotel the vibe was so chilled out and relaxed, I wish I could have that feeling forever!"
Umit: "From Constance Lemuria, I would like to bring a lot of things but the breathtaking Seychelles sunsets we saw there are something I wish I could watch every single day!
From Constance Ephelia, our incredible infinity pool overlooking the bay."

What was your favourite #TrueIndianOcean experience?
Jennifer: "So many experiences but I loved feeding and interacting with the giant tortoises which you can do every day at 4 pm at Constance Ephelia. Another of my favourite experiences was playing golf on the only 18 hole golf course in Seychelles at Constance Lemuria!"

Umit: "The massage I had at ‘U Spa’ which is the largest spa in the Indian Ocean. It was incredible and I felt like I was reborn afterwards!"