Elena Kuletskaya at Constance Ephelia



Was it your 1st time in Seychelles at Constance Ephelia?

“Fortunately, I have been to Seychelles many times, because while working as a model, I lived in France, and many times we flew to Seychelles to shoot some fabulous fashion and beauty stories for magazines.
  But now I have visited Seychelles for the first time as a wife and mother, and I can say that my dream has come true, because a long time ago, working in Seychelles, I thought to myself and made a wish that someday, when I had my own family, we would come here with the whole family, with children, for a holiday. And now it has come true, and now it has really happened…”

Was the hotel to your expectation? Please give details
“We have an amazing experience of the hotel. I must say right away – I am a very meticulous traveler and I never go at random, just like that. I study all the sites, photos, reviews; I always monitor Instagram, follow the links and marks. And if I really need it, I don't even hesitate to write directly to people who have been to a hotel that interests me, and ask for more information, for some details… So, if I'm going somewhere - you can be one hundred percent sure that I've monitored this place's length and breadth. And indeed, I have read a lot of good reviews about Constance Ephelia. When I tried to find out whether this place is suitable for a holiday with children – everyone advised me exactly Constance Ephelia. And when we got there, we realized that this is really one of the best options. It’s awesome, firstly, because Constance Ephelia is located on Mahe and you don't have to fly further to other islands, although they are magnificent, still – every parent knows what it's like to fly with children. I just want to come from point A to point B, in this case, Moscow- Mahe and settle in a magnificent hotel, which, in fact, happened.”

List five things that made your holiday at Constance Ephelia memorable?
“Well, first of all, it’s the location.
I love such hotels, which are located on a vast territory, where there is no need even to go somewhere outside the hotel. At the same time, I cannot call myself a person who does not move further than the beach or the pool. No, I'm a very active person! Especially, when I’m with children.
 I love adventures, changing activities, enjoying different landscapes, but the huge plus of Constance Ephelia is its gigantic territory and that it’s located on such an isthmus of the peninsula, where you have, well, as if completely different territories - the Northern beach, the Southern beach, the possibility of distant hiking, the possibility of cycling. If you don't want to do sports– then go somewhere on a buggy, to the Sunset beach or the beach where there are all kinds of water activities. If you don't want to hear the noise of engines – there is a quiet beach with a view of a wonderful private island.
 I was amazed and thrilled that there is an opportunity to ride a zipline, that is, these are all such active adrenaline adventures.

 And fabulous giant turtles that amaze not only children but also adults, these 110-year-old turtles that you can feed.

Well, in general, you can list a lot.


Five things: well, I don't even know how to label them now. The location, well, I mean, its huge territory, will be the first, the second is that there are two beaches, one quiet, the other, the sunset beach, is more active. Third, I really liked the abundance of pools. I love when there are lots of small pools. The accommodation houses are very well located. I don't like it when it's one giant massive building.  And the rooms are arranged in such a way that they are in two-storey detached houses, forming a hemisphere and in the center of each such complex there is a swimming pool with its own mini-bar.

The hotel is large and even when it is almost completely full, like it was on our trip, the impression in your area of the hotel is that you are in a very comfortable, absolutely uncrowded place.

And even if you are traveling without children, there are separate pools with a sign "Please be quiet”, that is, if you have a desire to relax a little, you’re welcome, you can retreat and get your dose of Zen and peace. This was probably the third one. The fourth is food. Amazing, fantastic restaurants. Also, another giant plus is the multitude of these restaurants, that is, they’re not overcrowded and there is no monotony of food. There are a lot of different restaurants. For the evening, you can try something new every time, every day. And it's always very tasty. And I liked the attitude of the staff, who are always ready, even if some dishes are not on the menu, to cook something less salty or less spicy for children. In general, they are attentive to the taste preferences of the guest.”

This picture shows real happiness, would you please tell us about it?
“The Bungee photography - yes, for children, and for their parents too, this is absolute happiness.

These are fantastic landscapes, I shot stories every day. This is the case when I don't want to apply any filters, but, on the contrary, I want to present everything exclusively in natural colors, because every, every day is an absolute delight for the eyes, this is such a reunion with nature. I really like the concept that sunbeds and umbrellas do not extend beyond the vegetation line, that is, in this way a feeling of being at one with nature is created, and the beach is so clean. This bungee, as far as I know, was hung by locals who periodically come to this beach on Sundays. It's also very cool that you're not sitting behind some fence. In your own separate world, and you feel like a guest of the island. Actually, the Sunset beach, where the photo was taken, is a must-visit at sunset, because when the sun sets, the colors begin to play so beautifully that you just want to remember it and take pictures endlessly.”

Tell us how the little girls felt at Constance Ephelia - is the hotel ‘kid friendly’ enough for you?
“Yes, the concept of "kids friendly” for me was the first on the list of requirements for a hotel before the trip, because we travelled with two children. Three years and five years is the age when children are very demanding, they are very capricious, in terms of entertainment for children. And if you can't provide them with any entertaining activities, then the whole vacation of parents just turns into babysitting, so to say, which is not one would dream of. Well, there are the pools; there is a small pool, such as a paddling pool for kids, where you can be sure that they are safe. Pools with nearby trees that create the necessary shade, sunbeds that are in the shade, plus bicycles for kids. Here are these fabulous turtles, which you probably won't see anywhere else in the world. And there is also a very cool Kids' Club, also with lovely children's sunbeds, a swimming pool, slides, swings. In general, I really think, yes, for families with children, this hotel is probably the best in Seychelles. Although I do not know whether you can say here the best or not, given that there is  Club-Med, but one of the best for sure. That’s it.”

Anything team member at the hotel you would flag for a superb service?
“The service - yes, excellent service!
I really liked that in the conditions of the new sanitary requirements, they always remind quests about disinfection at the entrance to the restaurant, measure the temperature.
That is, they follow all sanitary requirements, and not just for show, but really so. And plus - the staff is very friendly, very responsive and helpful. On the whole, yes, I liked everything. No complaints whatsoever.”

What was your #MyConstancemoment?
“As for #MyConstancemoments I was happy to share them on my Instagram, where I made posts, there’re a lot of stories that I was happy to save in the highlight, so welcome to my page. And maybe next time we'll meet at the hotel again. We will definitely come back.”