Joining Hands for Coral Conservation

At Constance Moofushi, they humbly strive to play their part in safeguarding the delicate balance of nature that graces the Maldives. The Maldives, known for its breathtaking coral reefs, boasts some of the world's most diverse ecosystems. These reefs are vital, providing sanctuary and sustenance to over 700 marine species. Yet, they are under siege from numerous threats, including overfishing, pollution, and the specter of climate change. The devastating "El Nino" event in 2016 resulted in the loss of 70% of the Maldivian coral reefs. Given the slow pace of coral growth, it is now our earnest duty to take proactive measures to restore these reefs, ensuring that future generations can cherish their unparalleled beauty.

At the heart of Constance Moofushi's commitment lies the Coral Restoration Project, an initiative they've been wholeheartedly dedicated to since 2017. Their mission is straightforward - to breathe life back into damaged reefs and barren seabeds by introducing new corals into their depths. This endeavour not only contributes to the long-term well-being of marine ecosystems but also extends an invitation to all guests, encouraging them to become active stewards of the coral reefs that envelop Moofushi.

Moreover, they deeply understand the importance of educating the neighboring community on Himandhoo Island about marine ecosystem conservation. The lives of the residents on Himandhoo are intricately entwined with the economic and environmental resources that these ecosystems provide. They firmly believe that knowledge forms the cornerstone of conservation, and instilling this sense of responsibility from a tender age is pivotal for safeguarding the future of the Maldives' marine wonders.

In celebration of Sustainability September, Constance Moofushi opened its doors on September 20th to students from a local school on Himandhoo Island, inviting them to partake in the Coral Restoration Project at Moofushi. This special event was not just about planting corals; it was about nurturing love for the oceans and instilling a sense of guardianship among the younger generation. Together, they constructed a coral frame fashioned like a house - a symbol of the marine ecosystem's profound significance to the local community, as their cherished home, one they are committed to safeguarding for generations to come.

Coral reefs are as vital to the oceanic ecosystem as rainforests are to our planet's atmosphere. They harbor a quarter of all marine life, serving as both a pantry and a refuge. Over the past three decades, human-related threats have pushed corals to the brink. We are fervently involved in assisting their recovery and ensuring the survival of the remaining corals. These coral frames serve as stable foundations for coral growth, increasing their chances of thriving. Furthermore, coral reefs act as natural barriers against waves and coastal erosion, playing a pivotal role in protecting our island and coastline.

Healthy coral reefs are synonymous with biodiversity, translating into healthier fish populations and providing habitats for a myriad of marine species, from eels and octopuses to majestic sharks. This rich diversity enriches the snorkeling experience for our guests.

At present, Constance Moofushi boasts a total of 173 coral frames, a testament to our unwavering commitment to enhancing coral reef biodiversity through our valued partnership with Reefscapers. Reefscapers has been at the forefront of coral reef restoration projects in the Maldives since 2005, utilising innovative coral frame techniques that have proven to be among the world's most successful marine conservation initiatives.

To further enlighten their guests and visitors, they have placed an informative sign in front of the Manta Bar from 12 noon to 6 pm. The dedicated volunteers, including April and Elena, will be delighted to explain the importance of coral reefs, the imminent threats they face, and the objectives of our restoration program. Guests can also learn about the process of adopting coral frames during events, allowing them to actively participate and make a difference.

We invite you to join us in this modest yet heartfelt mission to protect and rejuvenate the remarkable coral reefs that embrace Constance Moofushi. Together, we can ensure that these underwater marvels continue to thrive for the generations yet to come.


Marine Wonders & Sustainability at Constance Moofushi

Marine Wonders & Sustainability at Constance Moofushi

The marine life and sustainability presentations at Constance Moofushi are more than just educational experiences; they are calls to action.