A Dreamy Honeymoon Getaway: Constance Prince Maurice

Honeymoons are all about creating unforgettable memories with your special someone, and what better way to do that than at a luxurious tropical paradise? We had the pleasure of chatting with Duygu Ozdemir, Turkish blogger and entrepreneur who honeymooned at Constance Prince Maurice, recently. Her enchanting experience at our exquisite destination left her with memories that will last a lifetime. In this article, we'll take you through her journey, providing a glimpse into what makes Constance Prince Maurice the perfect romantic escape.

How did you and your spouse choose Constance Prince Maurice for your honeymoon destination, and what attracted you to this particular resort?
"We wanted to explore somewhere new and choose something different from the classic honeymoon destinations. That’s why we were already focusing on Mauritius. The island was attracting us with its nature and gastronomy. I had formerly attended a Constance event, which was very entertaining, so I chose Prince Maurice without a second thought." 

Can you share some of the most memorable experiences or moments you had during your stay at Constance Prince Maurice? 
"Without thinking, I can say its people. Everyone we encountered, from the moment we were picked up from the airport, was the most debonair people I have ever met in my life. It’s an incredible feeling that every person you see is trying to keep you pleased from day to night." 

Were there any specific activities or excursions you both enjoyed while on the island of Mauritius? 
"We were thinking about going downtown, Casela and Chamarel. But we were so full within the hotel with wine tasting, Spa, and sports, we actually didn’t leave the hotel for one whole week." 


What did you think of the resort's accommodations, and did you have a favourite aspect of your room or suite? 
"The view from our room was incredible. It definitely made my day to open my balcony door to infinite greenery decorated with wooden bridges. And the most joyful part of our room was the extremely wide bathroom where we got to enjoy the bathtub with a view and the rain shower. Also, I was impressed by the twice-a-day housekeeping. Our room was always tidied and clean."


Mauritius is known for its diverse cuisine. What were some of your favourite dishes or dining experiences at the resort? 
"We were very satisfied with all the plates we tried from the moment we checked in. Especially the star dishes from the Barachois Restaurant. Our favourite dish was the lobster from our candlelight dinner for our honeymoon celebration. I have to mention the delicious salad plates from the lunch menus from the beach restaurants. And I still remember the mango soup and the dorado carpaccio from the local flavours of Mauritius night.

Also, it’s worth to mention the diversity of the wine selection. We met with the South African wines for the first time in our lives and I have to say the whites were delicious! We tried a new bottle every night throughout our stay and each of them was better than another. 

Last but not least, the desserts! It would be unfair not to mention the desserts. They create something unforgettable in your pallet. I can’t forget the taste of fresh macarons in our transfer car! A delicious way to start your vacation." 

Were there any special amenities or services at Constance Prince Maurice that made your honeymoon particularly memorable? 
"The special day that was organised for our honeymoon made us feel very good. After an in-room breakfast that was organised to the smallest detail, we were pampered with a day full of champagne followed by an incredible sea-food menu. We forgot all the wedding stress and the exhaustion on that very same day!"

Did you have a chance to explore the spa or wellness facilities at the resort? If so, what treatments or experiences did you enjoy? 
"We spend 1,5 hours each day for two days at Spa. We were very excited and willing about this part of our journey. We have had many Spa experiences in and out of the country and this one was the best without an exaggeration. We preferred a couple massage and the moment we stepped into the Spa, we started to relax. The atmosphere is incredible. The wave sounds from the ocean are mixed with bird tweets and an obviously professional team takes care of you with your selected oils. It was unforgettable."

Mauritius offers stunning natural beauty. Did you go on any outdoor adventures or take advantage of the beautiful beaches during your stay? 
“The nature was the first element that attracted us to Mauritius. The green was impressive throughout the Flacq area. We felt really good to see blue and green together when we stepped into the hotel. There were some rainy days but we spent the whole day in different areas of the beach. Under the palm trees, surrounded by colorful birds and facing an incredible ocean, we had moments beyond time. Because of the incredible time we’ve had at the hotel, the island felt like home. We are already planning our next trip.”

How did the staff at Constance Prince Maurice contribute to making your honeymoon special? Were there any staff members who stood out to you? 
"If I were to describe this vacation with two words, I would say exquisite service. I have had many travels in my life and met many people, but I have never seen such respectful, warm, and happy people as in Constance Prince Maurice. I could never give a name because it wouldn’t be fair to everyone else. It was a great, warm family where everyone tried to make sure that we were pleased all day long. We actually felt sorrow when we had to say goodbye to some people. We had a great connection in one week." 

As a Turkish guest, did you find any cultural connections or similarities between Mauritius and Turkey during your visit? 
"Turks are known for their famous hospitality. I was thinking as well until we saw this place! Also, I was very surprised that most of the people here have been to Turkey at some point of their lives." 

Why would you recommend your family and friends a stay at Constance Prince Maurice? 
"Yes without hesitation! Hotel has a very unique texture and it shows in every detail. The concept of a luxury hotel in our country is taken to a very neat place here. Extremely subtle, tasteful, enjoyable… 

While you can have the nature and sea together, it’s very impressive if you are looking for a gastronomic adventure. It was a very special experience to have a wine tasting of the world wines in the biggest wine collection in the Indian Ocean.

Along with all the facilities and care, it’s very important that the hotel is highlighting the sustainability practices in a very fancy way. The water bottles from plants, the organic honey produced within the hotel, and the water filtration system were so impressive and worth praise in a world where we all live consumption-oriented."