Marine Wonders & Sustainability at Constance Moofushi

Nestled within the captivating embrace of the South Ari Atoll in the Maldives, all-inclusive haven, Constance Moofushi, not only indulges its guests in unparalleled luxury but also dedicates itself to preserving the pristine beauty of its marine ecosystem. As a testament to this commitment, Constance Moofushi proudly presents an enlightening series of marine life and sustainability presentations that promise to unveil the awe-inspiring marvels beneath the turquoise waves and shed light on its proactive efforts toward a sustainable future.

Leading this illuminating journey into the depths of the atoll is our esteemed marine biologist, Elena Milanesi. With her wealth of knowledge and passion for marine life conservation, Elena will take guests on an enthralling expedition through the secrets of Constance Moofushi's marine habitat.


Whale Shark & Sustainability: Every Monday at Manta Bar as from 7pm.

Every Monday, prepare to be captivated by the majesty of the ocean's gentle giants – the magnificent whale sharks. These charismatic creatures, emblematic of the Maldives' marine splendor, play a vital role in the ecosystem's health. Elena's presentation will reveal fascinating insights into these awe-inspiring beings and how Constance Moofushi's sustainable practices ensure their continued existence for generations to come.

Sea Turtles and Sustainability: Every Wednesday at Manta Bar as from 7pm.

Wednesdays are dedicated to the beloved sea turtles. These ancient mariners, whose presence graces the Maldives' shores, represent resilience and the delicate balance of marine ecosystems. Through Elena's guidance, guests will delve into the world of these graceful creatures, learning about their life cycles, habitats, and the resort's tireless efforts to protect their habitats and ensure their survival.

Coral Reef and Sustainability: Every Friday at Manta Bar as from 7pm.

As the sun sets over the atoll every Saturday, a mesmerising experience awaits at Manta Bar. Join Elena for a captivating exploration of the vibrant coral reefs that are the lifeblood of this pristine paradise. Discover the delicacy of coral ecosystems, their integral role in maintaining biodiversity, and how Constance Moofushi champions their preservation.

The marine life and sustainability presentations at Constance Moofushi are more than just educational experiences; they are calls to action. As travellers, we have the power to make a positive impact on the world around us. By understanding the intricate interplay of marine ecosystems and learning about sustainable practices, each guest becomes an ambassador for change. Together, we can ensure the Maldives' natural wonders continue to thrive.

With these thought-provoking presentations, Constance Moofushi invites you to embark on a journey of discovery, awareness, and conservation. Let the wonders of the ocean awaken your passion for sustainability, and let's strive together to create a future where the allure of the Maldives remains unspoiled for generations to come.

To join the journey, simply contact the reception team once you are there.

Exploring Constance Moofushi's reefs with Elena Milanesi

Exploring Constance Moofushi's reefs with Elena Milanesi

Dive into a world of marine exploration with Elena Milanesi, the passionate marine biologist at Constance Moofushi in the Maldives.