New Menu at Constance Moofushi revealed

New Menu at Constance Moofushi revealed

A chic All-Inclusive concept requires dedication, creativity and passion. Here is the delicious journey of Chef Moreno and his team at Constance Moofushi:

“The creation of a new menu is the most exciting thing for the kitchen team; sourcing new local products, testing them, making new combination of flavours and applying new techniques. It is something really exceptional that chefs like to do the most.
The Alizee kitchen team and especially Chef Harshal played a big part in the creation of the new menu, from mise en place to long hours of meeting and brainstorming.

A very important feature when creating a menu is, listening to guests. Their preferences and their expectation must be taken into account if you want to surpass their expectation! With this in mind, the Alizee dining experience has been upgraded with mainly local fish sourced at the nearby Island Himandhoo, which also helps the local community.

The menu features all local fish, yellowfin tuna, jobfish, jackfish and grouper combined with some herbs coming directly from the Chef’s garden. We cannot wait to hear our valued guests’ feedback.

If only the picture could transmit the flavour and the taste” – Chef Moreno

Chef Morena| Constance Moofushi

Here’s for your eyes until you taste them at Constance Moofushi’s Alizee Restaurant:

Bread Basket
Italian extra virgin oil | aged balsamic vinegar | one dip with thyme roasted garlic

Bread Basket - Alizee Restaurant

Comfit of seasonal vegetables V, W, LF, GF
Popped quinoa | mustard honey dressing

Cajun spiced roasted cauliflower

Baby eggplant | chickpea salad | saffron dressing

Cajun spiced roasted cauliflower

Octopus Carpaccio LF, GF

Romesco |baby potato | white cannellini beans | crispy chorizo | avocado puree

Octopus Carpaccio

Grade A tuna tartare W

Caviar | bonito flakes | wonton cracker

Grade A Tuna

Seared Grouper W, GF

Parsnip puree | crunchy grapes |texture of cauliflower| charred pencil leeks

Seared Grouper

Jobfish W, GF

Smoked eggplant puree |saffron potato |olive and tomato dressing