Bookonin's Constance Moment

Bookonin's Constance Moment

London-based Fashion & Lifestyle influencer, Noami was wowed by the beauty and exclusive services at Constance Ephelia. From Zip-lining to hiking, Noami tried them all. Her full Seychelles' adventure as follows:

Why did you choose Constance Ephelia Seychelles?
I visited Seychelles last year and fell in love!
When the Seychelles Tourism Board reached out to me earlier this year to invite me back to explore more of the islands I knew I wanted to stay on longer and experience some new luxurious properties! And I had yet to explore Constance Ephelia which is on the West coast of Mahe. With two beaches, zip lining and hillside villas; I knew that 
Constance Ephelia would fit with my style!  


Was there anything in particular that caught your attention at the hotel?
I loved that the resort had zip lining (the only venue in Seychelles). I’m quite an adventurous soul, so this was high on my to-do list!
The Constance Staff; everyone was so attentive to help me, whether it was making sure I made a dinner reservation, assisting me with photo shooting, making sure I had everything I needed at all times, I would find cute surprises and gifts left in my room. I had my own Dream Team, and I can’t thank everyone enough!

Breakfast with a view|Hillside Villa|Constance Ephelia

List 5 ‘must- bring’ items when going to Constance Ephelia Seychelles
For me my five must bring are; a selection of bikini’s and swimwear options, there are so many photos ops you need lots of style changes! A camera and phone is a MUST, so you can capture the memories to take away! (I would suggest taking a go pro for zip lining and any underwater shooting).
Some comfy shoes and sportswear at the resort are quite large; buggies are going back and forth around the resort however you may want to explore, go zip lining or hiking.
Of course sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat!

 From a fashionista point of view, what should definitely go in your luggage when staying at Constance Ephelia?
As mentioned I bring a lot of swim and bikini options, each location requires a new look; statement sunglasses, hair scarfs and hats, stacking and body jewelry to dress up a simple day and night look! I never wear heels when I’m in the tropics; I’m normally barefoot or a cute pair of sandals.
I always come dressed in my favorite scent which at the moment is YSL Black Opium.
The key looks for Spring and Summer as seen on the runway should include sequins, pastels (think ice cream colours), fringing and ruffles, sheer and multiple bags!

Bookonin|Constance Ephelia Seychelles

Describe Constance Ephelia in 5 words.
Breathtaking, Scenic, Luxury, Fun & Relaxing

How did you find the Hillside Villa?
To start with; if you are staying in one of these Hillside villas you will also be given your own Club Car to drive yourself around the resort!
So just on this basis, I would suggest that’s a huge reason why to book one of these Hillside Villas. The property was stunning it had its separate living area with sofas and dining area, the master bedroom came complete with a huge tub in the center of the room, plenty of wardrobe and dressing space and an indoor and outdoor shower.

Bathtub|Constance Ephelia|Hillside Villa
To access your private infinity pool, you could either go from the side of the property, via the living area doors or open up the door directly from your bedroom which meant in the morning you could get straight out of bed and jump straight into the pool!

View from the  Hillside Villa
The pool and balcony deck span all across the north beach with the breathtaking hillside views!
The bonus was each of these hillside villas came with their own double bed private cabana deck which meant I could take my spa massages from the privacy of my hillside retreat!

Any tips to our guests going to stay at Constance Ephelia Seychelles soon?
Book a hillside villa if you want to enjoy complete privacy, and a beautiful view cannot and also have the option to get around the resort quickly with your own Club Car!
As a Content Creator, I always suggest trying to get up early before sunrise to enjoy the moment and take photos; you won’t regret it!


Who do you think should go to Constance Ephelia?
It’s perfect for couples and 
honeymoons, especially with the hillside villas.
Of course, it’s great for families too as there are so many activities including the zip lining, water sports, kids club, fitness center,
U Spa and giant tortoise sanctuary.

Tortoise|Constance Ephelia Seychelles

What was your ConstanceMoment? (A moment at Constance hotel that you would cherish and cannot be lived elsewhere
My Constance Moments (I have a few):

-Waking up to breakfast served on my Hillside Villa with lush, vibrant views.
 Breakfast|Constance Ephelia|Bookonin 
Enjoying Champagne and Sushi from the Presidential Villa at Sunset
- Enjoying a massage from the U Spa in my own private Hillside Villa Spa Cabana
- Feeding the Giant Tortoises
-Becoming a Constance Pro at Driving the Club Car; I did mention to everyone maybe one day I will return to be the Buggy Driver for Constance Hotels & Resorts