A display of Master pieces

A display of Master pieces

An exclusivity to both Mauritians and holidaymakers; discover beautiful masterpieces from the world of sculpture and painting at Constance Belle Mare Plage's gallery. 90% of works on display are of international origin.

Visitors can admire Mariela Garibay's generously rounded and sensual giant bronzes, the sophisticated sculptures of Jorge Marin, the melancholic Indian ink canvases of Jean-François Debongnie, Mylène Mai's lively and material-laden paintings, or Jacques Van den Abeele's powerful sculptures, who have all exhibited in Paris, Hong Kong, Miami and Singapore.


Duo - Jean Louis Corby

Colourful pieces and Raku creations of Marina Latta, Yves Cass's spiritual canvases, the tormented bronzes of Isabel Moramentès and Jean-Louis Corby, the surprising sculpture-books of Italian artist Paola Grizi, Vincent Lignereux's comic-inspired canvases, the abstract and cerebral paintings of Marie Marziac, and the ultra pigmented canvases of Stéphane Braud, known as the first artist to paint the ocean floor from under the sea are also exposed.

Visitors also have the opportunity to admire the beautiful female portraits of Louis Treserras, whose incredible finesse is reminiscent of the Dutch masters, Michel Calvet's vibrant and colourful paintings, the mysterious little bronze girls of the Norwegian artist Berit, or a series of elephants in motion, a favourite subject of the sculptor François Vandenberghe. As for Spanish artist Carlos Orive, he is constantly experimenting with the fusion of photos, paintings and digital art on canvas.

Bord de Mer - Isabel Miramontes

A visit to the Art gallery at Constance Mare Plage is definitely not to be missed!