Picture Perfect Place

Picture Perfect Place

Tropical Haven, Relaxation sanctuary, Golf destination,
Honeymooners’ cocoon, Family fun escape, Divers’ paradise.There’s more to Constance hotels and resorts. The thriving green environment, natural soft lighting, striking shades of blues and beautiful architecture call for another stamp:
That of picture perfect place!

At Constance Halaveli

Between the stunningly composed overlay photos of mouth-watering breakfasts with ocean view and #no filter beach pictures, our hotels have been in the spotlight recently thanks to digital celebrities.
Also known as bloggers and Instagram starlets, often flown around the world by designers and have huge followers and incredibly influencing.

Melanie Martins Constance beach

From doyoutravel - Jack Morris to sjanaelise Sjana Elise Earp; kardinalmelon – Hatice Korkmaz & lovelipepa - Alexandra Pereira; we have been able to see the beauty of our hotels’ façades from different angles.

Spa village Constance Ephelia

Master of their style, each digital talent enabled our services and savoir-faire to be seen in a more vivid and impressive tone. From appealing food photography or flat lays,

Breakfast at Constance Moofushi by Hirozz

 to spontaneous ones, the soft lighting and striking colours in our hotels have been on of the key factors.

Resident Peacock at Constance Lemuria

Sven Parys from teamgoodlife who was at Constance Halaveli recently, says it was more than light and colours. It was rather the feeling and environment he was in:
“I had many happy moments capturing the vast new environment of Constance Halaveli. The white sand, clear water and tropical paradise were a beautiful, creative space to be within.”

Constance Halaveli by Sven Parys
The beaming sun that gives rise to imagination and inspiration in our hotels has also seen the light of Jimmy Choo's photo shooting.

Andie sunnies - jimmychoo -constance halaveli

Our guests also love to bring our their inner fashionista when walking on the jetty at Constance Halaveli in the Maldives. At times, used as perfect #instatravel holiday picture and sometimes as catwalks too!

Picture Perfect Place - Constance Halaveli