GUEST STORY 7: Sven Parys #teamgoodlife

GUEST STORY 7: Sven Parys #teamgoodlife

We are a group of influencers using mr.goodlife channel to share wonderful places we visit and the products and companies we work with. We enjoy good food, good people and good experiences…
The best part of it is being able to share these experiences with our large community interacting with our content daily” – Sven Parys

When /how did you learn about Constance Hotels and Resorts?
We found out about Constance Hotels and Resorts from social media…Friends and influencers within the industry told us about the resorts and hotels; so we figured we needed to check it out.
Thankfully :)

Aerial View Constance Halaveli Maldives- Sven P

   Is there anything that caught your attention in particular at Constance Halaveli?
I was blown away by the attention to detail, the location and the tranquility of the environment, but I would have to say, the thing that caught my attention most, was the service.
It was on an incredibly high level.
This is what would ideally bring us to travel to other Constance hotels and resorts.

Lunch Constance Halaveli by Sven Parys

Tell us about your work as a photographer and the happiest moment while at work?

As a photographer, I love to travel and capture the special moments that create this wonderful “good life” we are able to share and experience.
 The happiest moments are when we arrive at new and different locations.
I had many happy moments capturing the vast new environment of the Constance Halaveli. The white sand, clear water and tropical paradise were a beautiful, creative space to be within.

Beach perfect - Constance Halaveli by Sven Parys

How would you describe your style?

I shoot mostly luxury and lifestyle photography, so regarding style, the best way I can describe it would be “experience in a photo” all of the members of our media team aim for the same purpose.
We don’t want to simply shoot a car or a location without making our readers and community feel like they are there.
We want to show life through our eyes and bring our viewers close to the “experience” as possible.

Kaika sushi  by Sven Parys

How many countries have you visited so far and what is your next destination?

We have visited over 13 countries and are planning trips to much more as we speak!
 LA is on the cards, as well as Frankfurt, Switzerland, London and Paris.

Image credit: © FELIX RACHOR 

How does it feel to be part of team #teamgoodlife?

It’s incredible!
We are able to travel the world and experience many different elements of what this life has to offer. We enjoy good food, good people and good experiences. The best part of it all is able to share these experiences with our large community that interacts with our content daily.
It’s an honour and a privilege.

Teamgoodlife/Image Credit:© FELIX RACHOR
Image Credit:© FELIX RACHOR

The aim of mr.goodlife is to share and promote good things in life – how do you contribute to this?

I contribute by creating media and stories about the journeys we experience. My photography, journalism and media are all created to share. We want to let people know about the wonderful places we visit and the products and companies we work with. I see us as a group of influencers that all use the channel of mr.goodlife to communicate brand messages and impressions through to the general public.

Sven Parys at Constance Halaveli

What goes in the luggage of a mr.goodlife team member?

We all travel slightly differently, but my bag contains a few shirts, jeans and sunglasses to start.
I then carry my trustworthy Sony Alpha camera, my Apple iPhone and, of course, my drone for aerial pictures.

Would you like to return to any Constance hotels again? Why?

I would love to return to visit Constance Halaveli and other Constance resorts. The best thing about that is we can establish a relationship between our luxury and lifestyle community and yourselves.
One of the best resort and hotel groups we have had the pleasure of working with.

What did you enjoy best during your stay with us/your ConstanceMoment?

This very moment for me would be waking up in the morning to the ocean.
Surrounded by tranquillity and peace, I really had time to reflect on my surroundings and appreciate the beauty of this moment.
Not just once. But every morning.
 Building more on this, we all live busy lives, and the experience we had at Constance Halaveli was so very much an escape.

Water Villa- Constance Halaveli