GUEST STORY 8: ALINE & her Babymoon at Constance Halaveli

GUEST STORY 8: ALINE & her Babymoon at Constance Halaveli

Seven months pregnant Aline, editor of Ahlan Magazine in Dubai flew to the Maldives recently where she lived and experienced the luxury Babymoon with her soul mate at Constance Halaveli.

Verdict: WOW!
Read why a Babymoon trip at Constance hotels is a must:

When /how did you learn about Constance Halaveli Maldives?
"Constance is a big brand known all over the world for its luxury hotels and unique experiences.
 I got the chance to learn about it more through your PR & Marketing agency."

Constance Halaveli - Babymoon package

Is the Babymoon concept familiar to you? Tell us more.
"It was not familiar to me, as it is my first baby, and it is not common in my home country. But now after the trip, I can say that it is a necessity for every couple to enjoy such a lovely trip, before everything changes with the baby."


Why did you choose to have a Babymoon at Constance Halaveli Maldives?
"Who can say no to the Maldives! And with Constance, it is a dream destination."

Constance-Halaveli-Jetty | Luxury Hotel

Once you reached Constance Halaveli, what was your overall impression of the hotel?
"Like WOW, you cannot simply imagine that this paradise is only a couple of hours away from Dubai!"

Luxury-destination-Constance Halaveli

What do you think of the Babymoon Package concept by Constance? Please give us details
"I think it is amazing, to get all this pampering when you need it the most, and get a huge dose of relaxation before you forget everything about it with the arrival of the baby. Everything there makes you feel this way, from the trees and the plants, the infinite ocean in front of you, the villa with its view and pool. Direct access to the ocean, to the spa treatments and an amazing range of food, plus of course the lovely staff and the top notch service."

Food-at-constance-halaveli-Luxury hotel

Is there anything in the package that you would like to change?
"I think it is an unforgettable experience already."

Aline Alkhoury - Babymoon trip in the Maldives

List 5 must-bring items when you are going on a Babymoon?
"A good camera, light clothes, a book, swimwear, and a big smile."

Aline- enjoying a sunset trip at Constance Halaveli Maldives

How did the daily massage/pedicure or manicure help you?
"It did miracles to me; now I need to have it every day when I am back to real life."

Spa at Constance Halaveli Maldives

Would you recommend the Babymoon Package to anyone? - Why?
"Yes for sure, with all the stress we suffer and the body change we are going through, it is a necessity to have such a break, so we are charged with a huge deal of positive energy."

private pool - water villa - Constance Halaveli Maldives

Is there anything in particular that caught your attention during your stay at the hotel?
"The lovely staff, their smiles are on their faces the whole time and always ready to assist it with what you want, and the big attention to details, they even put for me a pregnancy pillow without me asking, and they filled the pool with unchlorinated water."

Villa interiour - Constance Halaveli

Would you like to stay at Constance Halaveli Maldives again? Why?
"Always! It has all that it takes to enjoy an amazing vacation."

Luxury Babymoon - Constance Halaveli Maldives

Constance Halaveli Maldives is part of Constance Hotels & Resorts which is a collection of luxury hotels in the Indian Ocean - Have you been to any other hotels of the group?
"Not yet, but I am looking forward to visiting the other hotels."

Constance Belle Mare Plage - Mauritius

What has been your #ConstanceMoment at Constance Halaveli Maldives?
(A Constance Moment is an experience or a moment lived at any Constance Hotels that has marked you and could not have been lived anywhere else)
"The pictures my husband took of my unborn baby and me at Constance Halaveli."

If you are expecting your little bundle of joy too and want to follow Aline’s footsteps,
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