Score Card

Trou Par Mètres Yards
1 4 304 332
2 4 345 377
3 3 150 164
4 5 506 553
5 4 389 425
6 5 457 500
7 3 177 194
8 4 357 390
9 4 344 376
Out 36 3029 3311
Trou Par Mètres Yards
10 4 340 372
11 3 153 167
12 4 364 398
13 5 457 500
14 4 376 411
15 4 343 375
16 4 346 378
17 3 152 166
18 5 458 501
In 36 2989 3268
Total 72 6018 6579

Plan du cours

Description des trous

  • 1er trou - 360 mts Par 4

    A gentle opening hole with a stunning panoramic view. The tee shot should be placed on the left side of the fairway to leave a mid iron second shot to a slightly elevated green.
  • 2e trou : 512 mts Par 5

    A double dogleg, which will offer the big hitter a chance to reach the green in two shots, if he decides to take on the challenge of a blind shot over a volcanic outcrop. The safe way will be to lay up at the corner of the second dogleg leaving a pitch into the green
  • 3e trou : 342 mts Par 4

    Slight dogleg left. After a drive to a generous landing area the player is faced with a second shot across water. The first hole to be played into the prevailing wind
  • 4e trou : 312 mts Par 4

    The 4th runs the same direction as the 3rd and the 2nd shot is played steeply uphill to a raised green. Always take one club more than you think!
  • 5e trou : 370 mts Par 4

    A gentle dogleg left, where the drive should be placed to the right of the fairway to leave an easier second shot with a middle iron
  • 6e trou : 504 mts Par 5

    This second par five is played back into the wind. The longer hitters may be able to reach the green in two, however it is protected by a large volcanic outcrop
  • 7e trou : 127 mts Par 3

    First of the Par 3's, this is a short iron played to a green cut into the natural rocky landscape
  • 8e trou : 340 mts Par 4

    This is a medium length dogleg right, the drive must be kept to the left side of the fairway to give a clear shot into the green.
  • 9e trou : 146 mts Par 3

    Second of the par three's and one which plays much longer than it's length as the hole is straight up hill. One of the trickiest greens on the course with three levels
  • 10e trou : 518 mts Par 5

    The start of the back nine is a long downhill par five, the ball must be strategically placed after the second shot to allow access to a welcoming green which slopes from back to front
  • 11e trou : 146 mts Par 3

    First of the Par 3's with water. The lake winds its way up the left side of the green to catch any ball slightly hooked. A large green which offers some fiendish pin positions
  • 12e trou : 414 mts Par 4

    One of the toughest holes on the course, a good drive is needed to clear the uphill portion of the fairway. The second shot must avoid the water on the right and the large tree guarding the left side of the green
  • 13e trou : 457 mts Par 5

    A good drive to a generous fairway will leave a mid iron to a green surrounded on three sides by water
  • 14e trou : 135 mts Par 3

    The last of the short holes has water short and right of the green. Played into the prevailing wind this could be a card wrecker
  • 15e trou : 354 mts Par 4

    An almost straight par four which offers views of the lagoon on the left hand side. An undulating green will protect par.
  • 16e trou : 355 mts Par 4

    This severe dogleg right deserves it stroke rating of 2. The drive must be long and true to the left side of the fairway to afford a view of the green. Anything less than perfect will leave a blind second shot over a valley to the green
  • 17e trou : 285 mts Par 4

    A hole the big hitters may want to drive but any ball left of the green will be severly penalised. The sensible play is to the right of the fairway bunker leaving a pitch to the green.
  • 18e trou : 362 mts Par 4

    A semi blind tee shot should be left of centre to leave a clear second shot over water to the home green which is situated next to an old lime kiln. A par four here will take you happily on to the Clubhouse and 19th hole