Imagine a myriad of islands and atolls bathed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, where every minute is a moment stolen from paradise: welcome to honeymoon in Maldives. The 1,190 coral islands that make up the archipelago look like the work of a meticulous goldsmith who spared no luxuries.

White golden sand set in a turquoise sea with an emerald frame of palm trees. This idyllic setting is complemented by luxury villas, many of them placed directly above the water, that will guarantee an incredible experience during your Honeymoon in Maldives.


Enjoy your honeymoon in Maldives in one of the Leading Hotels of the World. Enjoy singularity, Discover colourful marine life or Nurture body and soul with blissful spa treatments.


For your honeymoon in Maldives, pick one of our beautiful villas with magnificent view and capture new memories together with the thrill of new romantic experiences.




With more than 200 uninhabited islands, you will find many places to visit in Maldives on honeymoon. Moofushi, a paradise of peace and privacy, is one of the islands where you will love getting lost. A little further north is one of the best islands in Maldives for honeymoon: Halaveli. Its landscape, characterised by villas situated right over the sea, will allow you to enjoy romantic dinners, magical sunsets and an amazing private natural pool.

There are many things to do in Maldives on honeymoon, with the sea as your backdrop. You can spend a day on the beach living la dolce vita, enjoy a relaxing massage with your partner while marvelling at the sea or search for the most romantic sunsets. If you feel like Jacques Cousteau, the sea floor here won’t disappoint you. One of the best dive sites is at Ari Atoll, where the depth rapidly drops while maintaining impressive visibility.


Hammerhead sharks and stingrays await you, in addition to incredible whale sharks up to 12 metres in size, making them the largest fish in the world.


Embark on a romantic adventure on a catamaran or on the dhoni, traditional boats that are still built by hand using coconut wood.


Embark on a submarine excursion and safely descend to 150 metres while watching the extraordinary variety of multi-coloured fish.



The paradisiacal beaches are the main attraction when booking a Honeymoon in Maldives package, however these islands hide many other secrets that are worth discovering. Male, the Maldives' capital, is the best place for taking in the vibrant Maldivian culture. Its tall, brightly-coloured buildings hide small bars, restaurants, shops and lively markets through which local life flows.

The profile of Male is dominated by the great golden dome of Hukuru Miski, which can be seen from any point on the island. At the National Museum, you can dive into the history of these remote islands that goes back to the Middle Ages, while temporary exhibitions of local art await you at the National Art Gallery. When you need a break from the urban environment, Sultan Park will offer you a peaceful green oasis.

Male, Maldives capital

Male, Maldives capital

Golden dome of Hukuru Miski

Golden dome of Hukuru Miski

National & Art Gallery Museum

National & Art Gallery Museum



Maldives covers approximately 90,000 square kilometres of ocean, and it’s no surprise that seafood and fish are the protagonists of many dishes. The influence of neighbouring India and Sri Lanka gives their cuisine a spicy, exotic touch, while the real heat comes from Asia.

This symphony of flavours is summarised in the most traditional dish, the mas huni, a mixture of coconut, tuna, onion and chili seasoned with lime juice and wrapped in roshi, a traditional bread. To enhance the flavours, Maldivians accompany their meals with a cup of sweet black tea.

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