Let's celebrate White Chocolate Day

Let's celebrate White Chocolate Day

White Chocolate dates back to the 1930s - an invention of the Nestlé company in Switzerland.
The much loved white chocolate has been here in since, in different sizes and brands.
And on this sweet day, Chef Priyantha from Constance Moofushi in Maldives has the pleasure to share a recipe with you to celebrate the White chocolate day.

White chocolate caramel and coconut cheesecake

You will need 3 eggs, 350g sugar, 120ml of water, 400g Cream Cheese, 30g Gelatin, 500ml Whipping Cream, 200g Coconut puree, 200ml Caramel sauce, 250g white chocolate.



Boil sugar and water until it reaches 117 degrees Celsius. Beat eggs and slowly add the boiling sugar.

Add soaked gelatin to the hot egg mixture and let it cool down a bit.  Add cream cheese and stir well.

Melt chocolate and mix it together with coconut puree and caramel sauce.  Add both mixtures together and fold with whipped cream

Store in the fridge until it is set.

White chocolate caramel and coconut cheesecake is perfect when paired with a Sauternes- Bordeaux's sweet wine.