Returning from an exotic holiday; what do you want to take back home?

Is it radiant, tanned skin, re-energised body, a light palate or lifetime memories; At Constance Halaveli our mixologist will offer you memories that will fill up your senses while sojourning with us and memories to take back home…

Imagine lounging under a radiant Maldivian sun on a soft powder beach looking across the changing hues of the vast expanse of turquoise Ocean …
Next, to you, a glass of Iced green lemongrass mint or Aloha – these refreshing cocktails are just what you need to capture blissful moments!

Iced green lemongrass mint cocktail at Constance Halaveli
Iced green lemongrass mint
The smell and taste of lemongrass are a perfect match for green tea, lemon slices and a few drizzles of raw honey.

Aloha Cocktail at Constance Halaveli Maldives
Combination of coconut cream with fresh pineapple, guava juice and fresh kurumba water shake with ice, all into a kurumba shell.

There is nothing more exhilarating as diving in the gorgeous water surrounding Constance Halaveli Maldives.

After a tiring but satisfying dip, you will enjoy sipping a Long Distance Runner, refreshing yet tantalising cocktail concocted to make you reminiscence your beautiful moment in the enveloping deep blue sea.

Long distance runner cocktail at Constance Halaveli
Long distance runner
A tropical mix of fresh passion fruit & pineapple blended with lime juice and pineapple juice.

A Beautiful sunset is best enjoyed when you are accompanied by a special person and right drink … a frozen Banana Daiquiri s’il vous plait!

Frozen  Banana Daiquiri Cocktail at Constance Halaveli
Banana Daiquiri
A classic cocktail with a creamy local twist! - Maldivian banana blended with white rum, triple sec, lime juice and sugar.

These are the moments created by our mixologist at Constance Halaveli that you will take with you.