Secrets of a fit & lean body

Secrets of a fit & lean body

Following her stay at Constance Lemuria in Seychelles over the summer, Rosanna gave her impressions on the gluten-free offerings for guests. Whether it is for coeliac disease or just a choice to follow a gluten-free diet, she loved that there’s something tasty for everyone across the Constance Hotels & Resorts.
Read on to learn some juicy secrets:

Please tell us about the gluten-free diet?
"I find eating gluten-free very easy and the majority of hotels, restaurants, and cafes are both well-equipped and very happy to accommodate people with various dietary requirements. Finding gluten-free options in shops and supermarkets is no problem either, and there’s generally an excellent range of bread and other baked goods in my local shops. However, I do tend to avoid processed gluten-free foods as much as possible and stick to naturally gluten-free grains, including quinoa, rice and oats."

How long have you been doing this diet?
"I have been eating gluten-free since 2013 and have found it very simple to follow. In fact, it’s opened up a whole new world of interesting and delicious foods to choose from!"

Why did you choose this particular diet?
 "I had been having issues with skin breakouts throughout my teens and early twenties and had tried antibiotics, creams, and topical treatments but nothing seemed to be working. I noticed patterns of breakouts after I had been eating out at restaurants and traveling, eating more bread and pasta. I also struggled with digestive issues sometimes, including bloating after meals. I was studying nutrition at the time and was aware of a proposed link between gluten, digestive health, and skin health, so as an experiment I decided to give up gluten for a month. My skin and digestive issues cleared up so well that I continued for another month, and it went from there. I haven’t struggled since with either issue. Everybody is different and while I haven’t been diagnosed with coeliac disease, I don’t believe that my body efficiently digests or processes gluten and I feel healthier and happier without it."

What’s a gluten-free breakfast like?
"I usually make a nutritious smoothie, based on almond milk with a vegan protein powder, berries, spinach, super green powder, almond butter, hemp seeds and ice. I love to have it after a workout to help muscle recovery and repair, plus it’s filling enough to keep me going throughout the morning."

"At this time of year, it’s cold in Ireland, so I enjoy homemade soups and stews. I often have a butternut squash or sweet potato and red lentil soup made with coconut milk and a touch of chili, as well as a green salad."

"My evening meal is usually a vegetable stir-fry with cashews and tofu, roast vegetables with a bean stew or a chickpea curry and salad. I often add quinoa too for an extra boost of protein."

When staying at Constance hotels, is it possible to keep on with the gluten-free diet?
"I find it so simple to stick to a gluten-free diet at all the Constance Hotels & Resorts because there’s such a great range of delicious gluten-free foods available. Chefs are more than happy to create gluten-free meals and there are plenty of tasty bread and cereals on the buffets."

What are your favourite gluten-free meals in our hotel?
"I always look to the new wellness menus for gluten-free meals as I’ve created the recipes to be free from gluten, dairy, and refined sugar. The talented team of chefs at each hotel know how to make the meals look and taste delicious!"

Can you give us some practical tips, helpful advice when going on a gluten-free vacation?
"The best advice is to be well prepared and to contact the hotel or resort in advance to let them know of your dietary requirements and pre-order any foods you may need. Meaning, everybody can be prepared and you can enjoy an easy gluten-free holiday with no food-related stress. Most airlines will also offer gluten-free meals, so I always order my meal online in advance to avoid complications. If unsure, it’s wise to travel with your own snacks too." 

Would you recommend Constance hotels for a gluten-free vacation?
"I would absolutely recommend Constance Hotels & Resorts for those with coeliac disease or simply trying to avoid gluten-based foods. The team of chefs and staff at the restaurants all understand the importance of individual dietary requirements and are knowledgeable on what alternatives are on offer."

Would you recommend any recipe? 
"I have a soft spot for my Squidgy Banoffee Pie recipe, available on the wellness menu at Constance Ephelia. A healthier version of the traditional banoffee pie and free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar, but just as creamy, gooey and delicious. A definite people pleaser, it’s sure to be a hit with everybody at special celebrations. I love to make this pie for summer parties with family and friends, and there’s never anything left to bring home again."