Sebastian Gibrand Joins the 17th Constance Festival Culinaire

Constance Hotels & Resorts is thrilled to announce the participation of renowned Chef Sebastian Gibrand at the 17th edition of Constance Festival Culinaire. Chef Gibrand is from Sweden and cannot wait to dive in the rich Mauritian culture.

Born in Sweden, Sebastian Gibrand's culinary journey began with his grandmother's exceptional cooking, which instilled in him a profound love for the culinary arts. Determined to fulfill his promise to his parents of becoming one of the country's best chefs, Gibrand embarked on a path of culinary excellence.

Under the mentorship of Chef Tommy Myllymäki, (winner of Silver Bocuse in 2011 and Bronze Bocuse in 2015) Gibrand honed his skills and passion for gastronomy, culminating in his remarkable achievement of winning the Silver Bocuse in 2019.

Here’s Chef Gibrand thoughts on Constance Festival Culinaire and his aspirations for the event:

What are your thoughts on Constance Festival Culinaire?
“It's one of those happenings where food, wine, and culinary experience create magical moments together with people with the same passion as yourself.”

Do you have any expectations?
“I'm looking forward to having a taste of the flavours of Mauritius, to learn new things, and to get inspired by world-class chefs.”

What unique culinary experiences do you hope to bring to the festival?
“I will bring my Swedish heritage and cuisine and show that the unique flavours of Scandinavia can be infused with flavours from the rest of the world”.

Are there any specific dishes or ingredients you're excited to highlight during the festival?
“I will cook a version of my signature dish, 'Swedish Curry,' together with salmon but seasoned with the island's gastronomy.”

How familiar are you with the local ingredients/produce?
“Since I have a lot of friends who have been visiting Mauritius, I'm quite familiar with the ingredients from the island. But I'm eager to learn more and to experience it on my own.”

Can you share any insights into your approach to creating dishes for such a diverse and international audience?
“It's very important to keep and show my identity in the dish and at the same time cook something that will be loved and appreciated by gourmands from all places around the world.”

What do you hope attendees will take away from your participation in the festival?
“To get inspired by my curiosity of finding new food and wine experiences.”

Sebastian Gibrand's participation in the Constance Festival Culinaire promises to be a culinary journey filled with creativity, innovation, and a celebration of diverse flavours. Join us in experiencing the magic of gastronomy at Constance Hotels & Resorts as we embrace the artistry of Sebastian Gibrand. 

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