Romantic Constance Moments

Romantic Constance Moments

It is said that the best memories are those you cannot put into words and the base of these memories are most of the time, the location and the care taken to make it happen.
From a candle-lit dinner all the way to the Maldives

Dinner of dreams-Constance Moofushi/Photo credit: GregM Tripadvisor

to a special sunset cocktail on a floating bar in Mauritius; we’ve seen quite a few lovey-dovey moments too good not to be shared!

Le Barachois floating Bar/image credit:ThomasB, TripadvisorCocktails at Constance Prince Maurice, Barachois Floating Bar by Thomas B-April 2016

There’s something magical about watching the sun go down, creating beautiful colours in the sky, and reflections on the water, don’t you agree?

‘Sunset view from Villa 90, infinity pool” by Bob M-November 2017

Many of us will relate to the magical rays of the sun in particular places, our guest who was at Constance Moofushi managed to capture this magic in the Maldives!

Sunset in the Maldives/Image credit: By Marco, Tripadvisor
‘Beautiful sunset’ by Marco, GregM - September 2017

Food of love:
Some say that food is the secret to a happy couple’s life. Maybe, it is the reason why we get so creative when it comes to food.

Lunch with a view at Constance Lemuria Seychelles
Lunch with a view at Constance Lemuria Seychelles by A_Ehrlich89

“When he is soy into you” - AmyT at Constance Prince Maurice, Asian Restaurant.

Sushi at Constance Prince Maurice/Image credit: AmyT, Tripadvisor

Trying new things; whether it is flavours or islands, it’s always better à deux!

Love nest:
The finish of a beautiful day is always made up of soft, clean bedding, flowers and perhaps, champagne?
Would you agree less?

at Constance Belle Mare Plage
At Constance Belle Mare Plage by Tripadvisor China member – February 2018

Picture perfect place:
When it’s not for a catwalk, it’s for a photoshoot, Constance Halaveli’s Jetty!

Constance Halaveli MaldivesConstance Halaveli Maldives, The jetty by Julia R-September 2017

We all have our way of expressing ourselves, so this Valentine’s Day seize the moment, create something magical, express yourself the best way you can, because your better half deserved the best!