Mauritius Prepares to Shine at the Pastry World Cup

Excitement fills the air as Mauritius proudly unveils the talented trio set to represent the nation's rich culinary heritage on the prestigious stage of the Pastry World Cup. With the continental final fast approaching, Shivam Marooday of Beachcomber Shandrani, Iven Chithray from Constance Prince Maurice, and Pravesh Gokhoola of Beachcomber Canonnier embark on a journey of meticulous preparation. As they gear up for the African final in September 2024 and the highly anticipated World final slated for January 2025, their dedication and skill promise to showcase the essence of Mauritian pastry craftsmanship to the world.
Behind their remarkable journey stands a team of esteemed experts, whose guidance and expertise have paved the way for these pastry virtuosos.

Join us as we delve into the passion of Iven Chithray, who is making us proud once again, following in the footsteps of his colleagues, Kritesh Halkory, gold medallist and the representative for Mauritius in the World Final Bocuse d'Or at the Sirah Show in January 2023, and Stephane Labastide, captain of the Mauritian Pastry Team, silver medallist at the World Cup African selection in Morocco.

What inspired you to become a pastry chef, and how did you start your journey in pastry making?
“The world of pastry intrigued me with its myriad flavours and tastes. After secondary school, I joined the Constance Academy, knowing that I wanted to pursue pastry. Having studied art and design in school, I believed it would be beneficial for my future in this field.”

Could you tell us about the unique flavours and ingredients that represent Mauritian pastry traditions, and how you incorporate them into your creations?
“Unique flavours representing Mauritian pastry traditions include passion fruit, lime, and various types of sugars. I always strive to create new recipes using these local products.”

What challenges did you face in preparing for the World Cup of Pastry, and how did you overcome them?
“The primary challenge was time management. I had to be mentally and physically prepared. Finding time for practice amidst my busy schedule, even on my days off, was crucial.”

Can you share some insights into the specific techniques or skills crucial for success in pastry competitions at an international level?
“Observation is paramount, along with skills in drawing, sculpting, and flavour blending. Having a discerning palate is also essential.”

In representing Mauritius, what aspects of Mauritian culture and heritage do you aim to showcase through your pastry creations?
“I aim to showcase our creativity and the use of local products as much as possible.”

How do you balance innovation and tradition when crafting your pastries for a competition like the World Cup of Pastry?
“I strive to use local products and maintain natural flavours to strike a balance between innovation and tradition.”

Could you walk us through the creative process behind one of your signature pastry creations that you'll be presenting at the competition?
“My signature creation will incorporate citrus products, chocolate, and a variety of dried fruits.”

What are your thoughts on the evolving trends in the pastry industry, and how do you stay ahead of the curve in your pastry-making techniques and designs?
“Creativity abounds in the industry, which often presents challenges. However, it motivates me to conduct further research and practice to innovate in my creations.”

How important is teamwork in preparing for such a prestigious competition, and what role do your colleagues play in supporting your journey?
“Teamwork is crucial. My colleagues cover my responsibilities, allowing me more time to practice. Their constructive feedback helps improve my techniques and refine our creations.”

Lastly, what advice would you give to aspiring pastry chefs who dream of competing at the international level?
“Stay motivated, passionate, and observant. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, enabling you to compete on an international stage.”

Delicious Victory for Constance Prince Maurice's Chefs

Delicious Victory for Constance Prince Maurice's Chefs

Constance Prince Maurice’s chefs victorious at Bocuse d’Or and Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie, Africa Region