Known for its alluring coastlines and warm temperature, the Indian Ocean with its fascinating cultural heritage is definitely one to put on your bucket list. Mauritius, Maldives, Seychelles or Madagascar, whichever your choice, these are the best far-flung destination you could fly to if you are looking for a memorable tropical holiday!

Here’s the journey of Maiken who is a yoga teacher, model and content creator from the UK who seeks places that create a space to focus on both physical and mental health.


Was it your 1st time in the Indian Ocean? 
“I’ve been lucky enough to visit before. Previously I went to the Maldives and also Mauritius, so Seychelles was a completely new experience for me. It’s hard not to fall in love with the jewel-toned blues of the ocean, and it’s the reason I keep wanting to come back. Every island is so different and beautifully unique in its own way.”

How did you find Constance Ephelia? Up to your expectations?
“One word…” wow”. This expansive place felt like its own island. I usually like to keep places a little bit of a surprise for when I visit, so I didn’t know what I was in for. However, this is perhaps the largest resort within the Indian Ocean that I have visited. Typically I tend to think large resorts equals more people, which eventually leads to feeling a bit crowded. However, this was not the case. It was so spacious and there were so many hidden areas and even hidden beaches, that it felt like your own private island.”

How about Constance Lemuria?
"Being my second Constance hotel (after Ephelia), there was no doubt that the quality of service would match my first time. Lemuria was equally as stunning and again an exceptional stay."

Was there anything special that caught your attention at Constance Ephelia?
"All the hidden beach areas. Whilst I do love a little rest and relaxation on a sun lounger, I’m also a big exploration fan. It was fun going on a walk and being greeted by yet another secluded area that looked like paradise."

At Constance Lemuria?
"Although I can’t say I’m an avid golfer, the Golf course really caught my eye. The views it boasted from different angles on top of the hills, were showstopping. In fact, it was one of those moments where even a camera cannot capture how breathtaking it was, and you definitely have to visit in person."

Tell us about the activities. Would you say that Constance Ephelia is for thrill-seekers? How so?
“You will be spoilt for choice at Constance Ephelia. There’s an array of water sports equipment available, hikes you can take and also a Zip Lining adventure (which is on my list for next time!)"

What about Constance Lemuria?
"Again, you can make your own adventure.
Personally, we took the water and spent most of our time diving and snorkeling in the water.”

What were your favourite activities at Constance Ephelia and Constance Lemuria? Why?
Honestly speaking, my entire stay was my favourite activity - if you can count that of course! At both places, I loved just walking through the resorts being surrounded by lush greenery. When I’m abroad though, nothing beats a kayak. I love taking out a kayak to enjoy the waters and soak up the soak… not to mention it acts as a great workout.”

Tell us about your 15-min ferry ride?
“During our stay at Lemuria, we decided to take a 15-minute ride to an island called ‘La Digue’, which the resort kindly helped to organise. This tiny island is a must-see in Seychelles and makes for a great day trip, especially if you’re already in Praslin. La Digue boasts one of the best beaches in the world with the iconic rocks of Seychelles.”

5 things that you wished you could take back home from Constance Ephelia and Constance Lemuria?
“The food, the sea, the sun, the plants, the hotel rooms. If I could magically bottle up every part of my experience and take it back to the UK, I would.”

Have you been to the Spa village? Tell us about your experience.
“If you are a Spa lover - this will be a dream for you. This haven acts like an oasis away from the hotel as it’s so large, peaceful and feels like its own paradise. Began and ended our massage treatment with a refreshing cold tea and took some time to explore the Thermal pools, Kneipp footpath and the yoga pavilion.”

Your favourite spot at Constance Ephelia for some refreshing cocktails?
Helios Bar was a favourite for me”

At Constance Lemuria?
Diva was stunning and had very cool ocean-inspired décor”


Tell us about your #MyConstancemoment?
" #MyConstanceMoment was from when I stepped foot inside the grounds. It was creating my own adventure as I go and just enjoying wherever that takes you. Finding those hidden gem areas and viewpoints of the hotels was a memory that will forever last."



*a ConstanceMoment is a moment spent at Constance hotel which cannot be replicated and lived elsewhere. It’s the little magical touch /memory that you will remember forever.