Holiday on the East Coast of Mauritius


You’ve been dreaming of Pina Coladas on this warm sandy beach? Well, now is the time to stop dreaming and start acting/Playing if you want to Win a 7-night stay for two in Mauritius at either Constance Belle Mare Plage or Constance Prince Maurice 😊


But first, let’s go back in history.
Did you know that on the East Coast of Mauritius, Wybrant Warwijck was the first Dutchman who visited the country in 1598 and renamed the island after the Dutch Stadtholder Maurits (known also as Maurice of Nassau - Prince of Orange)

And did you know that because of its spectacular beauty and strategic location, it is referred to as the ‘star and key’ of the Indian Ocean? The one who came up with this couldn’t have been wrong as the location is truly magic.
Mountainous interior with lush green forests fringed by magnificent beaches, Mauritius is THE island for luxury tropical holidays! 

Close your eyes, think about a nice meal while the warm sea breeze hums bliss and the tropical sky sets the mood...isn’t it what you would want right now? On the East Coast of Mauritius where both Constance Belle Mare Plage or Constance Prince Maurice are beautifully situated?

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Today’s reel has been posted out; we will have another two which will be posted on the 29th of October 2021 and 2nd of November 2021. In order to be entered to win, you must answer the questions to ALL of the Reels. 
Well, time to play and stand a chance to WIN!

Good luck!

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