Part of The Leading Hotels of the World and shaped like a curved Dhoni, Constance Halaveli, is definitely one to put on your bucket list. From the scenery to the award-winning wine list, every detail is a promise to escapism in its purest form. Swaying palm trees, clear turquoise water, privacy-assured villas…if you are still hesitant, read on and find out more about Constance Halaveli through Kiki.
 Kiki, beauty and lifestyle influencer who is based in Dubai and travels the world as a full-time job (Emirates cabin crew member)


Was it your 1st time at Constance Halaveli Maldives? Any specific reason you choose this hotel?
“Yes, it was my first time. I saw it on and the pictures look amazing, the hotel looks stunning and it’s exactly the style of the kind of hotel I am looking for, modern, exclusive with a stunning view. I also got recommended from a friend of mine who has been to Constance Halaveli as well and she said that I would definitely love it.”

Tell us about your villa - what did you like best?
“Of course I love the pool in front of the villa above the beautiful sea the most. I used to wake up every morning and look at that view and it just made me appreciate life a lot of how lucky we were to be in such a stunning place like this. And I also love the bathtub overlooking the sea view; it’s the most relaxing thing ever. Sometimes we also saw sharks swam around our water villa from the bathroom window, it is so special.”

What was your favourite meal there? Why?
“Our favorite meals were of course all the seafood dishes. The seafood is so fresh there and the chef made very delicious and various dishes. I love how varied the food was at the hotel. We got to try a variety of dishes during our four-day stay without repeating anything. And of course, all of them were delicious.”

Which cocktails did you enjoy there? Best spot to enjoy a cocktail?
I love the cocktail called Chi-Chi, it’s similar to pina colada but tastier. Very refreshing and great fas a ‘ladies drinks’
We used to go every evening for sunset to the bar next to the main restaurant. We usually sat at the table overlooking the sea view with water villas in front of us, that view is one of my most favorite views of any holidays I have ever been.”

List 5 essentials that must absolutely be in your luggage when staying at Constance Halaveli

GoPro: Underwater world is absolutely stunning at Constance Halaveli. You will see a lot of baby sharks, corals and many other colorful fishes. It definitely will be something you will remember forever and it’s great to get a memory of those beautiful snorkeling moments.

More outfits: The hotel is very beautiful with many instagramable spots. So of course you might need a lot of beautiful outfits/ bikinis for stunning pictures.

No shoes: You don’t have to bring a lot because there is absolutely no need to wear shoes on this island. The white sand will make you feel so nice and relax walking around with your bare feet.

Speaker: This is for the music in your own villa. The hotel is very quiet, private and exclusive. But it’s always nice to listen to your favorite song while you swim in the pool and I promise you, it will make you very happy.

A lot of Sun cream: You will definitely be doing a lot of outdoor water activities, snorkeling, kayaking, walking around the island, therefore the more sun cream is always the better.

You were there for your birthday, how was it?
“It is definitely one of the best birthday celebrations to be in such a beautiful hotel-like Constance Halaveli. The staff also made it very special for me by surprising me with the room decoration with a special cake. It was such a beautiful birthday memory. Thank you to all the staff of the hotel.”

Would you recommend this hotel to your friends? What would be your recommendations?
“Definitely I will. I would say the same as what my friends told me: “You will love everything about it, and it will be one of your best holidays”.

Tell us about the spa
“The spa is very stunning. They also provide an outdoor cold and hot tub for you to use overlooking the sea view.”

Tell us about your Constance moment
“It is difficult for a hotel to complete every perfect little detail to make a guest remember the trip as a memorable stay and I have to say Constance Halaveli completed that. The design of the hotel, the villa, the room, restaurants, and the pool is very stunning. Every corner you walk around the hotel never fails to impress how they care about little details. The service is beyond expectation. The hotel staffs remember every single guest staying at the hotel. They know what you like, they know what you did and they are always there to make your stay even more and more comfortable. The location itself of the hotel is absolutely gorgeous. My Constance moment* is actually my stay at Constance Halaveli itself. It is by far one of the best trips I have ever been and I will always remember this moment.”



*a ConstanceMoment is a moment spent at Constance hotel which cannot be replicated and lived elsewhere. It’s the little magical touch /memory that you will remember forever.