Raise your glass and join in

Raise your glass and join in

This 19th of July, raise your glass and join in as we celebrate National Daiquiri Day in our hotels and resorts peppered in the Indian Ocean.

A refreshing drink which is believed to have been concocted by the American mining engineer, Jennings Cox in the 1900s, a Daiquiri is best enjoyed on a summer day and is perfect on an island escape!

Daiquiri at Constance Moofushi

Previously, the Daiquiri was served in a tall glass full of ice. A teaspoon of sugar was poured over the ice and lime juice was squeezed over the sugar followed by two or three ounces of white rum to complete the mixture.

Over the years though, the classic Daiquiri has seen some delicious variations; depending on the location and produce available.
The concoction of a Daiquiri is also the fruit of someone’s creativity and passion.

If you are or will be sojourning at any Constance Hotels & Resorts soon, here’s what to order:

Constance Lemuria in Seychelles
Signature Daiquiri

Signature Daiquiri at Huna Bar

Constance Halaveli in Maldives
Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri at Constance Halaveli

Constance Prince Maurice in Mauritius
Frozen Passion Fruit Daiquiri

Frozen Passion Fruit Daiquiri at Constance Prince Maurice

Here are two super easy Daiquiri recipes you can try until you taste it at Constance Moofushi in the Maldives

GR Daiquiri Recipe
You will need: 40ml Havana 3 White Rum |15ml Lime Juice |30ml Simple Syrup |4 pieces (20ml) Fresh Grapefruit| 6 leaves Rosemary
Muddle grapefruit and rosemary in a and add all the ingredients. Shake with ice-cubes. Sugar rim Martini glass, grapefruit ring and rosemary garnish

GR Daiquiri at Constance Moofushi

Fun Daiquiri Recipe
You will need: 30ml Bacardi White Rum |15ml Crème de Menthe |15ml Lime Juice |20ml Simple Syrup |1 dash Grenadine
Shake all the ingredients with ice and pour 5ml grenadine into the glass.
Don’t forget the Starfruit garnish!

Fun Daiquiri at Constance Moofushi in Maldives

Happy Daiquiri Day!