Constance Prince Maurice



Avid travel blogger and marketeer Keith Jenkins, based in Amsterdam was recently in Mauritius at Constance Prince Maurice. After almost a ten year career in investment banking, he decided to travel the world.
Little did he know then but this step opened a whole new horizon for him as it kickstarted a new career in marketing and travel for him.

His thoughts and experiences at Constance Prince Maurice as follows:


At Constance Hotels & Resorts: "You come as guests, you leave as friends".
How much did you appreciate your experience with Constance Prince Maurice?
I didn’t notice that slogan until my last day at Constance Prince Maurice, and when I saw it, I could only nod in agreement. That’s exactly how I felt. The staff are simply top-notch. Warm, hospitable and attentive, they certainly made me feel welcome and well taken care of from the minute I arrived. From my experience, it’s always the staff who make the difference, and at Constance Prince Maurice, they definitely did!

What did you like most about the hotel? Why?
I loved the hotel’s design and its breathtaking, secluded location. I read somewhere that when designing the hotel, the architect paid special attention to creating an air of harmony and balance.
Perhaps that’s the reason I felt so relaxed throughout my stay. I usually need several days to unwind when I go on a holiday but at Constance Prince Maurice, it was almost immediate.

Tell us about the general surroundings and sceneries.
The surroundings of Constance Prince Maurice are nothing short of stunning! I spent quite a bit of time simply strolling on the beach, feeling the soft, white sand under my feet and the crystalline water gently lapping against my ankles, while taking in the amazing colours of the lagoon. I also explored the resort and absolutely loved the landscaping (my hat’s off to the gardening team!), with the beautiful palm trees, flowering shrubs and meticulously maintained lawns.
Another favourite thing to do during my stay was walking along the bridge/walkway to the Le Barachois restaurant and check out the many colourful tropical fish, big and small, in the lagoon.

Tell us about food and restaurants. Were they up to your expectations?
The food at Constance Prince Maurice is top-notch and certainly lived up to my expectations.
I appreciated how the chef blends traditional local recipes with contemporary techniques to create flavourful and beautifully-plated dishes. I loved my breakfasts at Archipel, where I could tuck into a fluffy omelette while gazing dreamily at the lagoon.

What little touch from our teams, did you appreciate the most?
There were many, with a few memorable ones. I especially appreciate the beach crew who were always at hand with cold towels, maruku (my favourite snack), water and ice-cold beers.
Each time I went for a swim, I returned to find my beach towel neatly laid out and a cold bottle of water waiting.
The crew were attentive yet unintrusive.
In general, I love how the staff always gently place their hand on their heart when they greet guests – it’s such a beautiful, meaningful gesture.

Amongst the different hotel activities, which one did you prefer? Why?
The wine-tasting with the sommelier, Nadia, has to be my favourite!
I was surprised to learn that Constance Prince Maurice houses the Indian Ocean’s largest wine cellar and it was a fantastic experience to walk through it and enjoy a wine-tasting session there.
Nadia was both informative and entertaining and created one of those “You come as guests, you leave as friends” moments!

A good friend of yours is going to Constance Prince Maurice - what are your recommendations?
I would recommend my friend to relax and enjoy the pampering and spend some time exploring the resort grounds.
I would also recommend a visit to the nearby town of Flacq, with its colourful market and bustling streets.
One last thing, I would recommend is a dinner experience at the floating Le Barachois restaurant.

What was your ultimate Constance Moment?
Le Barachois restaurant!
The whole experience was enchanting, surreal and simply unforgettable! The food was great but the magical ambience and a special appearance by Johnny, the resident reef shark, made this an experience I’ll be talking about for a very long time to come!