Food Festival in Mauritius - Constance Culinary Festival


Constance Culinary Festival, one of the most exclusive and thriving food festivals in Mauritius combines skills, delicious food and drinks with some of the World’s most decorated culinary stars, providing one of the most loved food festivals.

Regrouping Constance and international chefs, and epicureans from around the world for the love of food and sharing, the 16th edition promises not to disappoint with the much-loved masterclasses, wine-pairing dinners, pastry competition and more.

Read on and find out more about the festival from Laura Field, food photographer, recipe developer, and food stylist from the UK who had the chance to be part of the previous edition in Mauritius.


Was it your first time in Mauritius? How did you find it?
This was my first time in Mauritius and it won’t be my last. I have heard lots of wonderful stories of Mauritius from my friends so was very keen to experience it myself. It is such a melting pot of cultures, people and food that is only unique to Mauritius so felt very privileged to experience it first-hand.

Constance Culinary Festival is an annual event by Constance Hotels & Resorts; you were here for the 15th edition. Tell us about it.
I was very lucky to make the 15th edition of the Culinary Food festival. So many Michelin chefs and talented chefs from the Constance hotels all in one place. Getting to try the chefs' creations and seeing them under pressure was very interesting to me. I particularly enjoyed being able to get kitchen access to see the beating heart of the kitchen see how it all works and see the chefs in action.

Tell us about the food and wine you tasted during the festival.
I must say the wine selection for the meals was delicious. I can be quite fussy with wines but the sommeliers' selection complimented the meals we had perfectly, I particularly enjoyed the Deutz champagne. I also tried my first Poulet De Bresse Chicken all the way from France which was only cooked by a 2 Michelin star chef ……..! Also, the chocolate work for the sculptures was extremely impressive! Never seen such delicate and ornate sculptures all made from chocolate!

How was your stay at Constance Belle Mare Plage?
Constance Belle Belle Mare Plage is a gorgeous family-orientated resort. A stunning sandy beach stretches the whole length of the resort with endless swimming pools and restaurants. But I must say the real highlight was the people that worked for Constance, everyone takes time to talk to you, and you feel like you’ve come home having made friends.

Imagine you are promoting this festival to people who have never heard about it, what would you say?
A thriving food festival at one of the best hotels in Mauritius! See some of the best chefs in the world compete and mentor Constance Chefs, sharing their knowledge and getting to try some of the best food in the world, all on a tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean!

How far would you say that Festival Culinaire Bernard Loiseau is an immersive experience of the Mauritian culture?
There were some really good opportunities to see Mauritian culture and food at the Chase, Deer Hunters restaurant and in the competitions themselves.

List 5 things you wished you could take back home from your stay at Constance Belle Mare Plage.
The relaxed atmosphere, the luxury, the food, the people and the gorgeous weather and beaches.

Tell us about your #MyConstanceMoment.
#myconstancemoment would be the feeling of being well fed and looked after and fully relaxing into a good book while laying on the gorgeous sandy beach and being embraced by the warm weather.


Tempting, right? Looking to join us for this 16th edition?
Save the date! Constance Culinary Festival starts on the 11th until the 19th of March 2023

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