Earth day

Earth day

A few days ago, Earth Day was celebrated, but in the beautiful Maldives, at Constance Halaveli, the celebration is still on!

Constance Halaveli Maldives

From team members to guests, everyone participated and still participating in a collection of green activities like tree planting ceremony, beach cleaning and green awareness.

The food & beverages' team went beyond the ordinary activities to fully help in the awareness; they tailored a whole menu just for the occasion:

Earth Day Cupcakes-Dessert station: April 26th

Earth Day Cupcakes|Constance Halaveli

A selection of Organic Asian Fusion Amuse-bouche is available too.

-Miso and Tofu Arancini
-Rice Paper Banh Mi
-Kimchi Sweet Potato Pancakes
-Pineapple with Chili Salt
-Thai Green Curry Baba Ganoush with Steamed Broccoli

Organic Asian fusion amuse-bouche| Constance Halaveli

And why Organic food?
  Simply, because it is environmentally responsible. Growing organic food over conventional food has many benefits for the earth, the agricultural practices not only protect the planet but can even help improve current adverse environmental issues.

At Constance Halaveli
Investing in organic food for the restaurant, help protect the environment too as organic farming builds healthy, active soil which can maintain soil nutrients and solve erosion problems. Among many other reasons, it also reduces the need for fossil fuels and helps combat the negative effects of climate change.

If you are at Constance Halaveli Maldives currently, do feel free to indulge without stress, knowing it's for our Planet!