Diving in the Indian Ocean

Diving in the Indian Ocean

Have you ever been in the infinite length of the Indian Ocean?
Where the deep blue paints a tangible picture transporting you into a different world?
The sound of your breath becomes so hypnotising that it leaves you serene and mellow?

Well, it’s all about diving. Diving in the best dive sites!
We have compiled the ultimate ‘must-dive' sites guide in the Indian Ocean for you,
read on and find out.

Dive in the Indian Ocean

Diving in the Maldives

Where to stay: Constance Moofushi Maldives: A diver’s paradise set in the heart of the stunning South Ari Atoll.

Why: A Chic All-inclusive hotel with Snorkeling equipment, Dhoni boat excursion, offshore group snorkelling excursions included in the All-inclusive package.
Spot: Bojamodi, one of the most popular dive sites about 10 minutes boat-ride from Constance Moofushi

Located on the south corner of the south pass of Moofushi, it is an oceanic pass, which means that you dive right at the edge of the atoll. It is sheltered from the current and is only around 15 metres implying that it is also a great spot for beginners.

Look out for Giant Mantas & Whale Sharks

Book your stay at Constance Moofushi & plan your diving break!

Diving in the Seychelles

Where to stay: Constance Ephelia Seychelles which is situated on Mahé Island where the resort overlooks the marine national park of Port Launay and is near amazing dive sites.

Hillside Villa at Constance Ephelia overlooking Port Launay

Why: The hotel is near amazing dive sites which have healthy and abundant corals.

Constance Ephelia offers: Beginners' courses / PADI diving courses / Wreck dives / Night dives too!

Spot 1: Trois Bank - up to 23 metres
Only 5 miles away from Constance Ephelia, this dive is ideal for experienced open water divers. Divers will be awed by the sight of the granite rock and coral formations. Visibility is excellent at 20-30 metres or more for most of the year
Look out for: Grey reef shark, Octopus, Eagle rays, Barracudas, Batfish and Moray eel.

Spot 2: Dredger Wreck is just 1 mile from Bel Ombre Area and 20 minutes by boat from Ephélia - Suitable for divers with open water experience.  There is a small dredger (about 15 metres) for divers to explore.

Look out for: Catfish, Moray eel, Lobsters, Stonefish, Lionfish and Scorpionfish.

Here's where you can have an ultimate diving holiday - Constance Ephelia Seychelles:


Diving in Madagascar

Where to stay:   Constance Tsarabanjina Madagascar

 All inclusive hotel, offering a chic Robinson Crusoe –like experience on an exclusive island: Tsarabanjina. The Akio Diving team offers a range of PADI courses and always here for guidance.

Why:  Snorkeling equipment, sunset cruise, a weekly presentation on fragile coral & Seabed weekly included in the All-Inclusive package. The Ocean surrounding Constance Tsarabanjina is a site in itself with an average temperature of 29°.  The water as pure as the blue sky is where amazing sea creatures dwell.

Spot 1: South Beach: Perfect for a refreshing dive with attractive coral reef with a maximum depth of 10metres- recommended for beginners.

Spot 2: The two sisters: Close to Tsarabanjina Island and is considered an easy dive. Best for night dive because of its beautiful colours, variety of fish and turtles

Spot 3: Tetons:  Few miles from Tsarabanjina island and much appreciated by professional divers for its healthy and abundant coral, small caves and tunnels. The maximum depth is 22 metres, and this site is recommended for the Drift speciality
Look out for:  Turtles, Jackfish, Balloonfish, White-tip sharks, Sting Rays

If you are still undecided where to go for a diving break in the Indian Ocean, choose all three destinations!

Happy Diving