A new delicious menu

A new delicious menu

To all Constance Moofushi lovers and lovers to be, here’s something you would not want to miss… the new delicious menu of Alizee Restaurant!

Part of the All-inclusive package, the new menu embraced the different speciality of its team members’ native country with a twist. For instance, a Quinoa Biryani from the Pakistani Chef or a Foie Gras Terrine from our European Chefs.

Our guests are served with a plethora of choices, for those who cannot decide on individual dishes still, there is a degustation menu which includes 3 courses and sorbet!

Oenophiles and wine amateurs, there’s an award-winning wine collection to pair your dishes with! The All-inclusive package allows you to pick from a wide selection of wines.

Here are some of our favourite from the delicious new menu:

Foie Gras Terrine

Foie Gras Terrine|Constance Moofushi
Beetroot gel, Balsamic vinegar, fig chutney and Brioche bread.

Chicken Mousse

Chicken Mousse|Constance Moofushi
Compressed Watermelon and Cucumber, Orange gel, cold Avocado crème and Velvet Tomato.

Spicy Tikka Salad

Spicy Tikka Salad|Constance Moofushi
Artichoke and Cauliflower tikka, Yoghurt Dressing.

Buffalo Mazzarella

Buffalo Mozzarella|Constance Moofushi
 Tomato coulis, Snow peas, Grilled Apricot and Black olives.

Local Catch

Local Catch|Constance Moofushi

Sous vide cooked Fish, Cucumber, Nagi Broth and Purple Cauliflower puree.

Corn Fed Chicken

Corn Fed Chicken| Constance Moofushi
Grilled Chicken, Fondant potato, Truffle, Corn puree, roasted Endive and White Asparagus.

Job Fish 

Job Fish|Constance Moofushi
Pan-seared Fish, Beurre blanc, Chorizo, green peas puree and Baby Leek.

Duck Breast

Duck Breast|Constance Moofushi
Roasted Duck, Cherry sauce and puree with Shallots, roasted root vegetable.

Veal Tenderloin

Veal Tenderloin|Constance Moofushi
Grilled Veal, Mashed potato espuma and Pumpkin comfit.

Tuna and Scampi

Tuna and Scampi|Constance Moofushi
Grilled Tuna and Scampi, Ginger teriyaki sauce, Sesame seeds, Pumpkin puree, Bok Choy and Ratatouille.

Lamb Loin

Lamb Loin|Constance Moofushi
Pistachio crusted Lamb, Jus and Cauliflower puree.


Risotto|Constance Moofushi
Wild Mushroom Risotto and Cheese foam.


Quinoa Biryani|Constance Moofushi
Quinoa biryani, Coconut yoghurt raita and Sweet Potato chips.

Sweet Treats: 

Salted Caramel mousse tart with Lemongrass Ice Cream.

Passion Fruit Cheesecake with Thai Basil Sorbet.

Warm pudding, Vanilla Cream, Raspberry Sorbet and Almond - Chocolate crumble.