Presenting the 4th edition of Music & Wine in Mauritius
29th January - 4th February 2023



Did you know that music has been shown to influence the perceived acidity, sweetness, fruitiness, astringency, and length of wine?

Taste and sound interact.
It has been proven that what people taste when evaluating wine and how much they enjoy the experience can be influenced by the music playing at that time.

 Simply imagine, would you rather drink a glass of fine Burgundy in your kitchen alone or in the living room comfortably with chill music? Or even better, how about at either Constance Belle Mare Plage or Constance Prince Maurice in the good company of our sommeliers, guests winemakers and musicians?

We are immensely pleased to invite you to Constance Hotels & Resorts for the 4th edition of Music & Wine.


Our 5-day exclusive wine dinners are as follows:


Enjoy the gala with pianist & composer Michael Amsellem & French-Moroccan singer Sofia Essaidi.

7 pm Wine Tasting with the Winemakers | 7:30 pm 1st Musical interlude

8 pm Wine Tasting and gourmets station | 9:30 pm 2nd Musical interlude

10 pm Desserts 
The Conservatoire National de Musique François-Mitterrand