Wine tasting & Sommeliers’ atelier with Gaia Gaja at Blue Penny Cellar

Wine tasting & Sommeliers’ atelier with Gaia Gaja at Blue Penny Cellar

Every wine has a story to tell, and Gaja wines are no less.

Part of the fifth generation of the Barbaresco-based wine family that runs Gaja Winery; charming Gaia who recently took over the international management of the business was at Constance Belle Mare Plage’s Blue Penny Cellar.
For a sommeliers’ atelier and wine tasting - An event, gathering Constance Hotels’ sommeliers, Chefs and wine enthusiasts.

Wine tasting & Sommeliers’ atelier with Gaia Gaja at Blue Penny Cellar

A three-course event which started with a very informative presentation delivered by Gaia on the exquisite wines followed by wine tasting and ended up with a delicious wine pairing!

Barbaresco wine at Constance Belle Mare Plage

A wine tasting where the enticing scents of Barbaresco and Barolo were unleashed.
 For our sommeliers, this vinous event had another meaning; that of grasping and understanding every detail of the wines - so that they can assist the guests better and translate the same feeling.
 It’s the transference of passion to passion!

Gaja Sperss at Constance Belle Mare Plage

The secret of Gaja wines though lies in the strong conviction of Gaia’s father when he said: ‘You have to do something different,’ ‘something that is yours…’  Which lead Gaia to the marvellous idea of working with consultants - knowledgeable people who were experts in other fields than wine like entomologists and geneticists.
 They assisted Gaia in shifting her attention to the environment of the vines rather than solely on the wines.

Gaja vineyard in Piedmont, Italy

With this, Gaja vineyards rejected harsh chemicals and industrial fertilisers to embrace cow manure and grow specific plants to tackle the problem of insects and help pollination.

Gaja Wines/

Today, Gaia wines are even popular in Asia as Asia’s most discerning wine drinkers become familiar with Italian wines rather than the classic French Burgundies and Bordeaux.

So next time you are staying at any Constance Hotels or simply dining at Blue Penny Cellar restaurant – taste at least one of the Gaja Wines. And savour the Italian finesse!