Constance Moofushi: a safe heaven


Meet Jarvis Marcos, a luxury traveller and influencer who was at Constance Moofushi with his partner, Kamara a few weeks ago. From our Water Villa to the health of our marine environment, he shares his experience with us.
If you are curious about an All-inclusive holiday at Constance Moofushi, do read on.

Jarvis M at Constance Moofushi

Why did you choose Constance Moofushi for your stay?
Constance is one of the best known and most well-established brands in the Maldives. I had several first-hand recommendations from friends and I wanted to experience the magic for myself!

The best part of staying in a water villa?
I loved the private outdoor shower, where you could hear the waves crashing beneath you. The sunset view was straight on, absolutely perfect and last but not least, the abundance of marine life that would swim right up to our villa steps!

How important is having a private pool for you?
Honestly, I barely ever use private pools in the Maldives, I can see why others like them but you can have a pool almost anywhere. Direct access to the diverse marine life of the Indian Ocean is far more special.

Tell us about your best sunrise/sunset at Constance Moofushi?
Our first sunset was amazing; at that point, we had already spent nearly two full weeks in the Maldives with cloudy skies every evening.
Sitting down to a perfect, candy-cotton pink sunset as soon as we got to Moofushi was absolutely breathtaking.

How did you find the sandbank? Share your feelings, please? 
From a selfish perspective, I wouldn't want it in front of my villa, since we could see into people's rooms from it.
However, as a place to go and enjoy the sunset, it was great. It gave me the impression of walking on water as waves lapped at my feet from both sides.

Really special.

Your favourite spot to enjoy refreshing cocktails at Constance Moofushi?
That's easy! The deck of our villa at sunset.

Tell us about the dining experiences offered?
I appreciated the variety of dining experiences presented to us, given that the usual evening buffet was closed due to COVID.
I especially loved the water's edge set up for the evening beach BBQ.

Who in your opinion should book a holiday at Constance Moofushi?
I think Constance Moofushi is best suited to people who want to just kick back and relax. It isn't as formal as other hotels and you don't need to worry about food and drink costs since everything is included. I think that the all-inclusive wine list is particularly impressive and your sommeliers are seriously good.
Anybody who loves diving or snorkelling will be very happy here too, the reef is one of the healthiest I've seen in the Maldives.

Share your thoughts on the sanitary measures you notice at Constance Moofushi
Unlike other Maldivian resorts, Constance Moofushi requires an extra PCR test to be taken at the hotel. Some may find it inconvenient but I think others will really appreciate the fact that every single person on the island is 100% clear of COVID.

There are certainly worse places to wait for PCR test results than from the comfort of your own private water villa!

Tell us about your Constance moment (a moment spent at Constance Hotels which is memorable and cannot be experienced anywhere else)
For me there were two great moments: a) The special overwater lunch that we experienced with our own personal waiter, Pincher, wading through the water to serve us.
b) Talking to the head sommelier Madu about his passion for wine as he showed us around the resort's impressive cellars.