A Voyage to Constance Tsarabanjina with Katia Moochooram

Katia Moochooram recently embarked on a soul-enriching journey to Constance Tsarabanjina, a haven nestled amidst the serene, unexplored beauty of Madagascar's wilderness. Here's an insightful glimpse into her remarkable experience at this idyllic retreat.

Motivated by a desire to rekindle the unique Constance experience and explore the untouched, Katia and her companion set their sights on Tsarabanjina. This eco-friendly beach resort, perched on the secluded islet of Nosy Tsarabanjina within the Mitsio archipelago, promised an intimate Robinson Crusoe-esque getaway where nature reigns supreme.

Their journey commenced from Paris, with a transit through St. Denis (Reunion) before boarding a connecting flight to Nosy Be via Air France. Upon arrival, a seamless transfer awaited them, whisking them to the resort's private boat. The transition from port to Tsarabanjina's shores was a seamless and efficient affair.

As their boat approached the powdery white sands, the welcoming embrace of the staff greeted them warmly. Each interaction exuded a sense of belonging, reminiscent of the acclaimed HBO series "White Lotus." The check-in process was exceptional, with staff attuned to preferences, especially the exceptional Elena, whose hospitality left an indelible mark.

Their choice of a South Villa (number 8) proved serendipitous. Nestled along the tranquil South beach, the villa offered unparalleled proximity to the pristine white sands. Gabriel, the affable GM, curated a tour unveiling a slice of Constance Paradise.

What did you do during your stay at Constance Tsaranbanjina?
“In short, we did a lot! Tsarabanjina offers an abundance of activities, and we managed to partake in each one of them. Here are a few highlights:

- A breathtaking boat cruise at sunset.
- An exciting excursion to Nosy Mitsio, where we visited a Fishermen’s village, saw Baobabs in Ankarea desert island, and marveled at the Organ pipes in the archipelago.
- An unforgettable scuba diving experience.
- Even if you've never tried it before, the fantastic team at the Blue Wave Diving Center will guide you with a smile, and trust me, you won't regret it!
- A delightful excursion to Nosy Komba, where we encountered the enchanting lemurs.
- A guided walking tour of the Island, providing us with fascinating insights into its beauty.
- Snorkeling adventures in the crystal-clear waters.
- A romantic dinner by the ocean, set on the white sand with tropical flowers, candles, fairy lights, and an embroidered white tablecloth swaying with the breeze. Truly iconic!
- Relaxing spa massages accompanied by the soothing sound of the ocean.”

Was the Constance hospitality on point there?
The hospitality at Tsarabanjina truly embodied the essence of the resort. The service was warm, welcoming, and impeccably attentive. A special thank you goes to the management, Gabriel and Elena, who ensured that every aspect of our stay was taken care of. Additionally, the head chef and the maître deserve praise for the attentive care and delightful culinary experiences they provided, making us feel truly looked after and cared for throughout our stay. A special mention to the Blue Wave Diving team, Paolo, Amir, Margherita, Nestor: you guys are awesome!”

Tell us about the All-inclusive package?
“The All-inclusive package at Tsarabanjina was a delight for our taste buds! We had our cravings satisfied from scrumptious breakfasts to late-night snacks, with a delectable array of options in between. One of our favourite treats was the fresh fruit skewers delivered to the beach each mid-afternoon. The selection of cocktails was a blend of local flavours and international classics, providing a unique and satisfying drinking experience. The wine cellar was impressive, offering prestigious South African labels and internationally renowned brands. The food was always fresh and bursting with flavours, particularly the grilled catch of the day, which was a true highlight. And to top it all off, we had the pleasure of enjoying one of the best lobsters we've ever tasted during our special romantic dinner.”

In your opinion who should go to this far-flung hotel?
“In my opinion, this Resort is suitable for everyone! It offers an experience rather than just a holiday. It's an opportunity to completely disconnect from your daily routine and immerse yourself in a time when people communicated with each other without constantly holding smartphones. While Wi-Fi is available in the villas and at the reception, it's intentionally not provided at the restaurant, bar, and beach areas, encouraging guests to interact with each other and the staff. This creates a unique and social atmosphere where you can truly connect with others. It's the kind of place you'd want to revisit over and over again throughout the years. Many guests return, and the hotel even recognises them by providing tags with their names at the bar's counter. This level of personal recognition speaks to the warm and welcoming environment that awaits anyone who chooses to stay at this remarkable hotel. So, whether you're a solo traveler, a couple, or a group of friends or family, Tsarabanjina promises an unforgettable experience for all!”

Can you name three things that you spotted at all the Constance Hotels & Resorts you've been so far?
"Throughout all the Constance Hotels & Resorts I've visited, there were three distinctive features that stood out:
- The iconic tree with the distance to other Constance hotels marked, symbolising the interconnectedness of these beautiful destinations.
- The Constance moment swing, a charming and picturesque spot in each resort, perfect for capturing precious memories and experiencing moments of pure bliss.
- The attention to detail in service and hospitality, with staff members consistently going above and beyond to ensure an exceptional guest experience.

What was your Constance moment?
“My Constance moment was undoubtedly the first sunset on Tsarabanjina island. It was an awe-inspiring experience like no other. The vibrant colours and breathtaking intensity of the scarlet red hues casting over the deep blue sea and white clouds were truly mesmerising. It was a moment of pure magic and serenity, etching memories in my heart that will last a lifetime.”

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