Guest Story 17: Portuguese actors, Kelly and Lourenco in the Maldives


What a pleasure it was to host charming Lourenço Ortigao and girlfriend Kelly Bailey, a British-Portuguese actress and model at both Constance Halaveli and Constance Moofushi Maldives!

If you are among those who are planning to escape to the Maldives soon, keep scrolling to find out about Constance Halaveli and Constance Moofushi through the eyes of Lourenço & Kelly.

How was your holiday at Constance Moofushi - what were your feelings?
We loved the two rooms we stayed in, one on the water and the other with the beach in front. We were extremely well received by the entire team, in a very welcoming environment. This hotel has a more youth-oriented concept, with a complete all-inclusive, live music and two bars, which makes the atmosphere more relaxed and informal."


Your favourite spot at Constance Moofushi and why?
"The spa was what impressed us the most. We had the experience of a massage in the middle of the water, with the sound of the sea and the fish passing under the table, which we will not forget!"

How did you feel upon your check-in at Constance Halaveli?
"Constance Halaveli was an amazing experience too! In addition to the hotel conditions, in this case even more luxurious, the incredible room, the wonderful staff and the phenomenal food. We had a unique experience, which was the wine tasting on the beach with the water at our feet.
The wine cellar is impressive!"

If you can take one thing from Constance Moofushi and one from Constance Halaveli, what will those be and why? "The combination of Moofushi's animation with Halaveli's food would make the perfect match!"

Who do you think must holiday at Constance Moofushi and at Constance Halaveli?
"Moofushi is more for groups of friends, couples who want to socialize and not have to worry about paying for their drinks, as the hotel is all-inclusive...

Whereas, Halaveli for couples who want to be more isolated, dating or spending time alone.
The ideal is to even combine the two!"

Kelly Bailey and Lourenco Ortigao At Constance Halaveli

Tell us about the spa treatments you had
"Both spas are unique in their way and a-Must experience!"

Your ConstanceMoment at Constance Moofushi and at Constance Halaveli?
"At Moofushi the snorkeling and at Halaveli the wine tasting!"

How did you find the sanitary measures at both hotels?
"Very well thought out, safe for a time like this and that makes us forget about the pandemic for a few days."

One thing at each hotel you couldn't do and will do next time.
"Because I have a knee injury, the most radical activities had to be postponed for the next trip… and I can’t wait for that next visit!"


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