Green September at Constance Lemuria

September marks a significant month at Constance Lemuria Seychelles and its six sister hotels in the Indian Ocean. It's the time when sustainability takes center stage, and guests are invited to engage in meaningful experiences that promote sustainable living and environmental stewardship. One such event is the Constance Lemuria Seychelles Internal Night Safari, a unique opportunity for guests to explore the vibrant nocturnal world of Seychelles while learning about the importance of conservation.

The Night Safari Experience
On the evening of September 22nd, guests are in for a treat as they embark on the Constance Lemuria Seychelles Internal Night Safari. This fascinating activity kicks off at 20:30, immediately following a delightful dining experience at the renowned Legend Restaurant.

The tour promises an unforgettable encounter with Seychelles' diverse nocturnal animal species, some of which are indigenous and exclusive to this stunning archipelago. Here's a glimpse of what guests can expect to discover:

Ghost, Hermit, and Mud Crabs: The safari guides will introduce guests to the intriguing world of ghost, hermit, and mud crabs that call Seychelles home. These crustaceans play vital roles in maintaining the ecological balance of the coastal habitats.

The Elusive 'Tenrec': Known locally as 'Tang,' the tenrec is a small mammal that resembles hedgehogs. With their endearing appearance, tenrecs are sure to captivate the hearts of both young and adult guests.

Tenrac- Image

Large Fruit Bats or 'Flying Fox': As night falls, guests will have the chance to spot the large fruit bats, also known as flying foxes (Pteropus seychellensis). These remarkable creatures are essential pollinators and seed dispersers, contributing to the Seychelles' ecosystem health.

Flying Fox-Image

Rare Sheath-tailed Bat: Lucky guests may even have the extraordinary opportunity to witness the elusive Sheath-tailed Bat (Coleura seychellensis). Unfortunately, this bat species is critically endangered, making any sighting a truly unique and memorable experience.

Turtle Nesting Site: The safari concludes at the Turtle Nesting site, where guests will meet Mr. Robert Matombe. He will share invaluable insights into the nesting period and habits of the Greenback Turtles (Chelonia mydas). These ancient creatures have a deep connection to Seychelles' pristine beaches and are a symbol of the region's commitment to conservation.

It's important to note that the Constance Lemuria Seychelles Internal Night Safari isn't just about witnessing the beauty of Seychelles' nocturnal wildlife; it's about actively participating in the conservation efforts that ensure these species' survival. By sharing knowledge about the fragility of certain species, such as the critically endangered Sheath-tailed Bat, the safari experience reinforces the importance of environmental stewardship.

Sustainable September at Constance Lemuria Seychelles goes beyond a mere celebration of nature; it's an invitation to be a part of the ongoing efforts to protect and preserve the Seychelles' unique biodiversity. The Internal Night Safari is just one of many initiatives that allow guests to connect with nature and embrace sustainability. So, if you find yourself at Constance Lemuria Seychelles this September, don't miss the chance to embark on this unforgettable journey into the heart of Seychelles' nocturnal wonders and become a steward of its natural beauty.

Video credit: infoonscubadiving

Embrace Sustainability this September

Embrace Sustainability this September

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